Trojden I, Duke of Masovia

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Trojden I, Duke of Masovia
Trojden I.jpg
Trojden the First
Spouse(s) Maria of Galicia
Noble family House of Piast
Father Boleslaus II of Masovia
Mother Gaudemunda of Lithuania
Born 1284-1288
Died 13 March 1341(1341-03-13)

Trojden I of Masovia (1284/1288[1] – 13 March 1341) was a member of the House of Piast. He was Duke of Czersk from 1310. From 1336 to 1340 he was Regent of the Duchy of Płock. He eventually became Duke of Masovia.

Trojden was the second son of Boleslaus II of Masovia and his first wife, Sophie, the daughter of Grand Duke Traidenis of Lithuania.


In 1310, when his father was still alive Trojden received the small region Czersk. When his father died in 1313 he inherited parts of Warsaw and Liw in addition to his duchy, which allowed Trojden to reign over Eastern Masovia.

Initially Trojden maintained excellent relations with Ladislaus the Short, king of Poland. Thanks to his intervention, in 1310 Trojden married Maria, daughter of Yuri I of Galicia and Euphemia of Kuyavia (Trojden's cousin). When Roman the Great died, there ware two heirs. Ladislaus supported Boleslaus, the son of Trojden, who seized the throne and took the name of George II (Jerzy II).

The aggressive policy pursued by Ladislaus the Short to reunite the territories of Poland and Masovia were a threat. On January 2, 1326 at Brodnica, Trojden and his brothers, Siemowit II of Masovia and Wenceslaus of Płock concluded an agreement with the Teutonic Knights, which lead to a short conflict with Poland and its ally Lithuania.

In 1340, his eldest son Boleslaw (aka George II) was murdered by his subjects. Trojden waives his right to succeed his son in exchange for a large sum of money paid to him by Casimir III the Great.

Trojden died on March 13, 1341 and is buried in the church of Dominicans in Warka.[2]

Marriage and Children[edit]

Before 1310, Trojden married Maria daughter of Yuri I of Galicia, they had four children:[3]

  1. Euphemia (1310 – after 1373) married Casimir I, Duke of Cieszyn and had issue
  2. Boleslaw-Yuri II of Galicia (1308 – April 7, 1340), became King of Halych-Volhynia
  3. Siemowit III of Masovia (before 1314 – 16 June 1381), became Duke of Masovia
  4. Casimir (1314 – 26 November 1355), Prince of Ciechanów and Warsaw


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Trojden I, Duke of Masovia
Born: 1284/1288 Died: 13 March 1341
Preceded by
Siemowit II of Masovia
Duke of Eastern Masovia
Succeeded by
Siemowit III, Duke of Masovia