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For information on trolling as it pertains to Wikipedia, see "What is a troll?"

A troll is a mythological creature.

Troll may also refer to:




Movies and TV

  • Troll (film), a 1986 fantasy film
    • Troll 2, an unrelated sequel to the above film produced under the title Goblins
    • Troll 3, a further sequel, again unrelated to the previous two films
  • Trolls (film), an upcoming film
  • The Troll Hunter, a 2010 Norwegian fantasy horror film made in the form of a mockumentary
  • Trollz, an animated show based on the Troll doll




Intellectual property litigation

Other uses

  • Troll (Internet), an internet term for a person who, through willful action, attempts to disrupt a community or garner attention and controversy through provocative messages
  • Troll (gay slang), a slang term for gay men who wander about looking for sexual partners
  • Troll doll, a doll created by Thomas Dam in the 1960s
  • Trolling (fishing), the practice of fishing by drawing a baited line or lure behind a boat
  • Karl Troll (1865-1954), Austrian architect
  • A nickname for a resident of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, usually used by those from the Upper Peninsula in reference to living under the Mackinac Bridge

Public art

See also

  • Trawling, a method of commercial fishing