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Coimbra trolleybus system
A Caetano/EFACEC trolleybus in Coimbra, 2006.
Locale Coimbra, Portugal
Open 16 August 1947 (1947-08-16)
Status Open
Routes 2[1]
Operator(s) SMTUC
Website SMTUC (Portuguese)

The Coimbra trolleybus system (Portuguese: Rede de Tróleis de Coimbra) forms part of the public transport network in the city of Coimbra, Portugal. Opened in 1947, it supplemented, and then eventually replaced, the Coimbra tramway network.


Trolleybus traffic was inaugurated in Coimbra on 16 August 1947 with two Saurer 3TP trolleybuses.

Initially, the trolleybus system only partially replaced Coimbra's tramway network, but after several decades of concurrent operations the latter was closed, in January 1980.

Until 1959, the Coimbra trolleybus system was the only one in Portugal. Since the closure of the Porto system in 1997, that has again been the case.


The system currently has two lines.


Past fleet[edit]

The system's solitary Solaris Trollino.

The initial two member Saurer fleet was augmented in 1949. with the acquisition of six Sunbeam Park Royal vehicles. Three more Sunbeam Park Royals joined the fleet in 1956.

Subsequent procurements included 10 BUT RETB/1s (four in 1958 and six in 1961), and six further Sunbeams in 1965.[2]

Current fleet[edit]

Today, the Coimbra trolleybus fleet is as follows:[2]

  • 10 conventional (two axle) Caetano/EFACEC vehicles, built between 1984 and 1986;
  • 01 secondhand conventional Caetano/EFACEC trolleybus (with auxiliary diesel engine), borrowed from the closed Porto system;
  • 01 conventional Solaris Trollino, delivered in 2009.

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