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Trolli Brand Logo.png
Product type GmbH & Co. KG
Owner Mederer GmbH (Herbert Mederer CEO)
Country Fürth,  Germany
Introduced 1975
Related brands Efruti, Gummi Bear Factory
Markets Confectionery
Tagline The one for fun!
Website Trolli International
Trolli U.S.

Trolli is a brand which was registered in 1975 by Mederer GmbH - Germany. The main production today consists of gummy candies, marshmallows, and soft licorice gums. Trolli's headquarters are located in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany. Products are sold worldwide to more than 80 countries. Trolli runs four factories in Germany, one in the Czech Republic, one in Spain, one in China, and is currently developing another in Venezuela. The company also owns a sales office and distribution center in the United States. More than 150,000 tons of gummi candy are produced yearly within the International Trolli Group and the company has about 2500 employees.[1]

Trolli´s Export Destinations


The Mederer Group[edit]

The TROLLI company history began in 1948. Willy Mederer, father of today's owner, Herbert Mederer, began producing noodles and pasta under the company name: Willy Mederer KG. Soon thereafter, the formerly rationed sugar rules[2] (during the war), were relaxed and the range of products from the Mederer Group could be expanded - particularly to the production of peppermint candies. Following this expansion, a sales team was created to organise the company´s marketing.


Willy Mederer attempted to expand throughout the 1950s and 60's. As the product range widened and the number of employees increased, the Mederer Group augmented production with new machinery to satisfy increasing demand. From then on, Willy Mederer decided to distribute products under the brand name "Wilmed." Jelly-fruits, cream drops and other products were made by 150 employees. Sales offices in Münich and Stuttgart were then created. At the age of 17, Herbert Mederer, current CEO was integrated into the company while simultaneously attending the Candy School of Solingen, where he studied to become a confectioner.

TROLLI´s creation[edit]

Over the years, the fruit gummy candy production and industry, adopted a continuously increasing status, with Haribo leading at the top of the industry. Willy Mederer was able to reinforce credibility of the company as well as give it a name by concentrating on the quality of the gummi candy produced. Thus in 1975, the magenta-colored 'Trolli' logo was implemented. The character part of the logo was based on a mythical forest creature, known as a troll which was particularly fond of children. Due to the popularity of myths, tales and stories, it was expected that the name would impress and connect with children. The Fürth established company was quick for expansion and soon opened its doors worldwide. With Willy Mederer still as the head of TROLLI, the company soon took interest in the American Market. However the success of an integration into the US market would only be experienced by Willy Mederer's successor, Herbert. Willy Mederer died in 1984.


Exports over the Atlantic were becoming a major asset to the company and soon amounted to 40 tonnes on a daily basis. 'Wurrli,' known as 'Squiggle' in the US, was the first success integrate the American market. It was not long before the TROLLI industry also adopted sour products which consisted of gummy candies coated in sugar. Following this, the Mederer Corporation decided to focus mainly on innovation; developing new shapes, colours and tastes for the candies. In 1986, Herbert Mederer built a production facility in Creston, Iowa (United States) that ensured increasing capacity with every year using cutting edge technology from both the United States and Germany.

One of the developments was the creation of double layered - gummy and foam - products, such as the apple rings. State-of-the-art starch mogul machines were crucial to this new creation. A second creation was the 'Trolli-Burger' of which approximately 2 billion pieces have been sold to this day. Such sales were greatly appreciated by the US candy market as the Hamburger is an important part of the American food culture.[3] Herbert Mederer's ideas were soon thereafter rewarded with the 1993 Candy Kettle Award.[4] Meanwhile consumers ensured that TROLLI sales would continue to grow. The founding of the subsidiary company TROLLI Iberica S.A. in Valencia (Spain) in 1994, and the installation of a production site in Jakarta (Indonesia) in 1997 greatly improved the Mederer Group´s international capabilities. In order to increase packaging variety and ensure independence in that department, the Mederer Group soon expanded towards Pilsen (Czech Republic) where TROLLI Bohemia was created.


  • 1948 - Willi Mederer began his German candy company "Wilmed" with sales offices in Stuttgart and Munich.
  • 1975 - Willi Mederer and his son, Herbert, open Trolli. The name Trolli comes from Trolls (forest creatures that are fond of children). The German mascot for the candy is a Troll with rainbow hair.
  • 1975 - Trolli targets the American market.
  • 1984 - Willi Mederer passes away.
  • 1986 - Herbert Mederer opens production facility in Creston, Iowa.
  • 1994 - The subsidiary Trolli Iberica SA in Valencia is established.
  • 1996 - Favorite Brands International buys Trolli U.S.
  • 1997 - Production facility in Jakarta (Indonesia) is opened.
  • 1998 - Efrutti is launched.
  • 1999 - Nabisco buys Favorite Brands.
  • 2000 - Philip Morris buys Nabisco and merges it with Kraft Foods.
  • Summer 2004 - Trolli Road Kill candy is introduced to the US market.
  • March 2005 - Trolli Road Kill candy causes controversy.
  • March 2005 - Kraft pulls Trolli Road Kill candy from the market.
  • June 2005 - Wrigleys buys Trolli U.S. from Kraft.
  • January 2006 - Wrigleys sells Trolli U.S. to Farley's & Sathers Candy Company, Inc.
  • August 2010 - Trolli sponsors SpVgg Greuther Fürth and the respective football stadium is subsequently named Trolli Arena.
  • January 2013 - Farley's & Sathers Merges with Ferrara Pan to create Ferrara Candy Company

Trolli's sub-branches[edit]

Efrutti, the specialist for 'premium fruit gummies', was integrated into the Mederer Group in 1998. This was aimed towards a broadening of premium quality gummy products. With already two production sites in Boizenburg and Hagenow, Gummi Bear Factory was taken over (2000) in order to ensure production and supply at level with the continued increasing demand for TROLLI products.

Efrutti Logo


-IFS (International Food Standard)[5]

-HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)[6]

-BCR (Efruti)

-HALAL (Spain)[7]


In 2004, Trolli introduced a gummi candy in the shape of chickens, squirrels, and snakes with tire tracks on them like they had been run over by a vehicle. Animal rights activists spoke out about the candy in an effort to get it off of the market. Kraft Foods, then the owner of the Trolli US brand which had introduced this product, pulled it from the market.[8][9][10]

Advertising projects[edit]

Trolli Arena (Formerly Playmobil-arena)

In 2010, Trolli engaged in sponsoring SpVgg Greuther Fürth and subsequently named the team's stadium Trolli Arena.

Trolli also regularly produces candies for specific football teams such as Bayern Munich.[11]

Manufacturing plants and factories[edit]

TROLLI in Fürth, Germany[edit]

The Trolli factory and offices in Fürth is the main base of operations for the Mederer Group, despite the factory being the least developed and smallest one.

TROLLI in Hagenow, Germany[edit]

The TROLLI infrastructure in Hagenow, consists of an exceptional warehouse in Mecklenburg-Pomerania which has now been used by the Mederer group since 2007. It is large in size, self-sufficient, entirely automatic and extremely efficient. Keeping the warehouse up to date with the levels of production and demand is important for its effective use of time and space. Hence a good effective communication is essential between all of the plants and factories.

TROLLI in Guangzhou China[edit]

In order to widen export market possibilities, in 2001, Mederer built, together with the Spanish 'Multi Joyco', a new production site in Guangzhou, China. Three years later Mederer took over 100% of the Joint Venture and gave it a new name: TROLLI Guangzhou Confectionery Co. Ltd. China. Through China, the Mederer group gained access to neighbouring markets such as Australia and New Zealand as well as USA, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

TROLLI Iberica - Valencia, Spain[edit]

TROLLI Iberica is the main provider and producer of Halal products within the Mederer Group. Food and products are certified Halal if they follow Sharia Law requirements.

TROLLI in Pilsen, Czech Republic[edit]

TROLLI Pilsen is the main packaging plant within the various factories.

TROLLI in Venezuela[edit]

The TROLLI factory in Venezuela is currently under construction.


Gelatine is the base ingredient used to make the gummy product. Generally only the highest quality of animal gelatine is used in the production. TROLLI’s products are produced in facilities that are IFS[12] certified. The Mederer group also includes a quality management (system) team who audit the suppliers of raw materials. In addition, all of the raw materials, such as gelatine or the finished product itself, are assessed and analysed by external, accredited laboratories and independent food technologists/specialists. Traceability from the finished product, back to each raw material is thus made possible.

Production of the Gummy[edit]

Step 1: Delivery and preparation of raw materials such as glucose, sugar, gelatine, color and aroma or flavour. All raw materials are examined upon delivery before they are mixed in the ‘kitchen.’

Step 2: Mixture of the raw materials.

Step 3: Colour, aroma and acidity are all added in measured amounts.

Step 4: The gummy gelatine mix is then poured (by a machine) into powder-starch filled, wooden trays which have just previously been stamped by the specific molds of the desired gummy shape.

Step 5: The molds/trays are then stored in a closed room which is kept at 25°C with roughly 35-40% relative humidity. The starch on the gummies must have a limit of 7.5% humidity (or remaining moisture) to take the water out of the gummy mix in a limited drying time which is around 36–48 hours. Temperatures and levels are extremely important if the gummy is to be ready for packaging within the limited amount of time. If not, the gummy is likely to be too soft and may stick together.

Step 6: The gummies are then passed through an air pressure chamber where the starch is ‘blown’ off.

Step 7: The gummies are then passed through a revolving cylinder where they are coated with oil to avoid sticking to each other. Some of the gummy products are passed through an alternative revolving tunnel which also coats them with sugar (for sugar coated products, such as apple rings, peach rings).

Step 8: The gummies continue onto a moving belt where they are examined for defects.

Step 9: The gummies then continue to a multi-head weighing machine, where they are weighed into baskets and according to the amount needed per bag (i.e. 250g, 300g, 500g), various baskets of the machine are opened at the same time to attain the correct weight. The gummies then continue towards packaging.

Step 10: The gummies are then deposited into bags which are heat sealed, passed through a detection unit and then sent to the next packaging area where they are weighed once more and then boxed.

Step 11: The gummies are now ready for shipping.


TROLLI includes a variety of products which can be categorized into the following sections; Original, Sour, Soft, Special, Liquorice, Extra Fruity, Marshmallows, Gelatine-free, Gluten, Vegetarian, Not for Lactose Intolerant and Halal products.

ORIGINAL: (invented by Mederer)[edit]

  • TROLLI Apfelringe (Apple Rings)
  • TROLLI Pfirsichringe (Peach Rings)
  • TROLLI Saure Glühwürmchen (Sour Glowworms)
  • TROLLI Mini Burger
  • TROLLI Glotzer Super Sauer Gefüllt (Eyeballs – Super Sour Filled)


  • TROLLI Spaghettini Apfel Sauer (Spaghettini Sour Apple)
  • TROLLI Spaghettini Erdbeer Sauer (Spaghettini Sour Strawberry)
  • TROLLI Spaghettini Cola Sauer (Spaghettini Sour Coca Cola)
  • TROLLI Glotzer Super Sauer Gefüllt (Eyeballs Super Sour Filled)
  • TROLLI Bizzl Mix
  • TROLLI Apfelringe Minis (Apple Rings Mini)
  • TROLLI Cassis
  • TROLLI Pur Citrus (Pure Citrus)
  • TROLLI Fisch Mix (Fish Mix)
  • TROLLI Super 8
  • TROLLI Saurer Octopus (Sour Octopus)
  • TROLLI Give Me 5
  • TROLLI Saure Erdbeeren (Sour Strawberries)
  • TROLLI Stocksauer (SuperSour)
  • TROLLI Bungees Apfel Sauer (Bungees Sour Apple)
  • TROLLI Bungees Erdbeer Sauer (Bungees Sour Strawberry)
  • TROLLI Bungees Cola Sauer (Bungees Sour Coca Cola)
  • TROLLI Sour Surfer
  • TROLLI Saure Glühwurmchen (Sour Glowworms)
  • TROLLI Saure Herzen (Sour Hearts)
  • TROLLI Sour Mini Burger
  • TROLLI Lemon Mallow
  • TROLLI Sweet & Sour
  • TROLLI Sour Bears


  • TROLLI Yofruit
  • TROLLI Kiss
  • TROLLI Wurrli
  • TROLLI Dracula
  • TROLLI Milch Kuh (Milk Cow)
  • TROLLI Playmouse
  • TROLLI Pfirsichringe Minis (Peach Rings Mini)
  • TROLLI Polar Kids
  • TROLLI Soft Ice Gums
  • TROLLI Putzige Pilze (Mellow Mushrooms)
  • TROLLI Meister Mischung (Master Mix)
  • TROLLI Fritzles Family Fun
  • TROLLI Happy Bears Day
  • TROLLI Colaflaschen (Coca Cola Bottles)
  • TROLLI Yoghurt Fruit Gums
  • TROLLI World Bears
  • TROLLI Number One
  • TROLLI Cola Party
  • TROLLI Weingummi (Wine Gums)
  • TROLLI Werkzeug Box (Toolbox)
  • TROLLI Firecracker
  • TROLLI Heifische (Sharks)
  • TROLLI Spiegeleier (Fried Eggs)
  • TROLLI Muscheln (Mussels)
  • TROLLI Schlangen (Snakes)
  • TROLLI Riesen Boa (Giant Boa’s)
  • TROLLI Ohrwurm (Ear Worms)
  • TROLLI Frösche (Frogs)
  • TROLLI Vambär & Flugsau (Vampire Bears & Flying Pigs)
  • TROLLI Sprüche-Armband (Bracelets)
  • TROLLI Tatzelwurm (Millipede)
  • TROLLI Brezeln (Pretzels)
  • TROLLI Sprüche-Klopfer (Loud Mouth)
  • TROLLI Seesterne (Sea Stars)
  • TROLLI Hasenland (Bunny Land)
  • TROLLI Ostereier (Easter Eggs)
  • TROLLI Buntes Osternest (Color Easternest)
  • TROLLI Ostermix (EasterMix)
  • TROLLI Funny Bunny
  • TROLLI Frohe Ostern (Happy Easter)
  • TROLLI Osterfest (Easter Party)
  • TROLLI Winter Wonderland
  • TROLLI Frohe Weihnachten (Merry Christmas)
  • TROLLI Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market)
  • TROLLI Santa’s Gummi Mix
  • TROLLI Schlittenpartie (Sledge Party)
  • TROLLI Sweet Lips
  • TROLLI Big Balloon
  • TROLLI Gummi Racers
  • TROLLI Cheesecake
  • TROLLI Soft & Fruity
  • TROLLI Schnuller (Pacifiers)
  • TROLLI Wine Gums


  • TROLLI Gum Balls
  • TROLLI Halal Gummi Bears
  • TROLLI Halal Gummi Fruit Salad
  • TROLLI Halal Gummi Orange Slices
  • TROLLI Halal Sour Peach Hearts
  • TROLLI Gute Nacht Schäfchen (Good Night Dream Sheep)
  • TROLLI Gummi World
  • TROLLI Gummi World Bears
  • TROLLI Gummi World Cola
  • TROLLI Multi Mix
  • TROLLI Hot Dog
  • TROLLI Mini Pops
  • TROLLI All In One


  • TROLLI Lakritz Mix (Liquorice Mix)
  • TROLLI Lakritz Stark (Liquorice Strong)
  • TROLLI Lakritz Extra Stark (Liquorice Extra Strong)

Extra fruity[edit]

  • TROLLI Cassis
  • TROLLI Prosecco Pops
  • TROLLI Lemon Quarks
  • TROLLI Walderdbeeren (Wild Strawberries)
  • TROLLI Saft Gummis (Juice Gums)
  • TROLLI Vitaminzwerge (Vitamin Dwarfs)
  • TROLLI Beerentraum (Heavenly Berry)
  • TROLLI ‘Trolli with Love’
  • TROLLI Ring O’s
  • TROLLI Superfruits


  • TROLLI Mallow Pops
  • TROLLI Choco Bananas (Chocolate Filled Bananas)
  • TROLLI Apple Mallow (Fruchtiger Füllung - Fruity Filling)
  • TROLLI Peach Mallow (Fruchtiger Füllung - Fruity Filling)
  • TROLLI Lemon Mallow (Sauer – Sour)
  • TROLLI Red Pops


  • TROLLI Bizzl Mix
  • TROLLI Sour Strawberries
  • TROLLI Give Me 5
  • TROLLI Sour Surfer
  • TROLLI Spaghettini Apfel Sauer (Spaghettini Sour Apple)
  • TROLLI Spaghettini Erdbeer Sauer (Spaghettini Sour Strawberry)
  • TROLLI Spaghettini Cola Sauer (Spaghettini Sour Coca Cola)
  • TROLLI Bungees Apfel Sauer (Bungees Sour Apple)
  • TROLLI Bungees Erdbeer Sauer (Bungees Sour Strawberry)
  • TROLLI Bungees Cola Sauer (Bungees Sour Coca Cola)

GLUTEN PRODUCTS (products made with wheat flour)[edit]

  • TROLLI Bungees Apfel (Bungees Apple)
  • TROLLI Bungees Erdbeer (Bungees Strawberry)
  • TROLLI Bungees Cola (Bungees Coca Cola)
  • TROLLI Bungees Apfel Sauer (Bungees Apple Sour)
  • TROLLI Bungees Erdbeer Sauer (Bungees Strawberry Sour)
  • TROLLI Bungees Cola Sauer (Bungees Coca Cola Sour)
  • Diverse Lakritzartikel (Various Liquorice products)

Products unsuitable for lactose-intolerance[edit]

  • TROLLI Milchkuh (Milk Cow)
  • TROLLI Yofruit
  • TROLLI Sour Fruit Shake
  • TROLLI Yoghurt Fruits
  • TROLLI Soft Ice

Products suitable for vegetarians (the gelling agent is not gelatine but either starch or pectin)[edit]

  • TROLLI Bungees Apfel (Bungees Apple)
  • TROLLI Bungees Erdbeer (Bungees Strawberry)
  • TROLLI Bungees Cola (Bungees Coca Cola)
  • TROLLI Bungees Apfel Sauer (Bungees Apple Sour)
  • TROLLI Bungees Erdbeer Sauer (Bungees Strawberry Sour)
  • TROLLI Bungees Cola Sauer (Bungees Coca Cola Sour)
  • TROLLI Bizzl Mix
  • TROLLI Saure Erdbeeren (Sour Strawberries)
  • TROLLI Give Me 5

HALAL certified products[edit]

  • TROLLI Halal orange slices
  • TROLLI Halal Fruit Salad
  • TROLLI Halal Gummi Bears
  • TROLLI Halal Sour Peach Hearts
  • TROLLi Soda Poppers

Trolli U.S. products[edit]

Trolli Strawberry Puffs.
  • Squiggles (gummi worms)
  • Play Mouse
  • Classic Bears
  • Strawberry Puffs
  • Melon-Os
  • Peachie-os
  • Tropic-Os
  • Apple-Os
  • Sour Brite Crawlers (sour gummi worms)
  • Sour Brite Crawler Eggs
  • Sour Brite Rocks (new)
  • Sour Gecko
  • Stinging Red Ants
  • Sour Brite Octopus
  • Cherry Bombers
  • Sour Brite Caterpillars
  • Mini-Fries
  • Mini-Burgers
  • Mini-Hotdogs
  • Mini-Pizzas
  • Tangy Tongue
  • Tayo Ajadi
  • Glotzer
  • Sour Brite Gummy Rocks
  • Little Green Men
  • Evil Twins


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