Trombetas River

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The city of Oriximiná on the banks of the Trombetas near its confluence with the Amazon
Country Brazil
State Pará
 - left Paru de Oeste River (Erepecuru River/Cuminá River)
 - right Mapuera River, Cachorro River
Source confluence of Anamu River and Poana River (parts of Anamu sometimes included in the Trombetas on maps, in which case Poana is a right tributary)
 - location Pará, Brazil
Mouth Amazon River
 - location Pará, Brazil
Trombetas River just right of center
Lake Erepecu (below) runs parallel to, and is connected with, the lower Trombetas River. The unusual white colour is caused by sunglint on the water. Note: The photo is inverted. North is down, west is right

The Trombetas is a river on the northern side of the Amazon River. Its confluence with the Amazon is just west of the town of Óbidos, Pará in Brazil. Its sources is in the Guiana highlands, but its long course is frequently interrupted by violent currents, rocky barriers, and rapids. The inferior zone of the river, as far up as the first fall, the Porteira, has but little broken water and is low and swampy; but above the long series of cataracts and rapids the character and aspect of the valley completely change, and the climate is much better. The river is navigable for 135 mi (217 km) above its mouth.

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