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Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra (TSO) (Norwegian: Trondheim Symfoniorkester) is a Norwegian professional orchestra based in Olavshallen in Trondheim, Norway.

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra are playing annually up to 100 concerts. In 2009 TSO also started to develop a professional opera and musical theater department. In cooperation with the Trondheim Soloists, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra has developed an orchestra model that provides access to 90 musicians.

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra is organized as a trust and receiving public assistance from the Norwegian government, Sør-Trøndelag county and the municipality of Trondheim.


Trondheim Symphony Orchestra held its first concert 10 December 1909. The concert took place in Frimurerlogen in Trondheim who was the orchestra's regular haunt until Olavshallen Concert Hall was completed in 1989.On stage in Frimurerlogen in 1909 put an orchestra with 29 people and only 7 of these was entitled musicians.

The years up to World War II were difficult, especially were the 1920s characterized by problems and little activity. In the 1930s came an upswing. The availability of competent musicians were bigger and financial subsidies made it possible to pay members, though not abundant.

During World War II Frimurerlogen annexed and converted to the Deutsches Haus and the orchestra was transferred to the churches. The crowd poured even in this time of crisis, and when the war ended, the orchestra prepared to celebrate the release of several concerts. Frimurerlogen was again applied to concerts.

1947 an eventful year for the orchestra. This year was the first full-time jobs created and what was called Trondheim Chamber Orchestra was established. With funding from the public, including the BBC, this was the beginning of the orchestra's modern history.[1]

Trondheim Symphony Orchestra is located at Olavshallen from 1989

In 1953 music competition Prinsesse Astrids musikkpris (Princess Astrid's Music Prize) was established to provide young Norwegian musicians a cash price and attention at the start of their career. The first competition was won by the pianist Kjell Bækkelund, the second contest was held in 1956 and was won by Arve Tellefsen.[2]

The financial support to the orchestra became larger and the quality of the orchestra better. A large number of national and international soloists and conductors visited the orchestra, several of stardom. Both the orchestra and the administration was gradually expanded.

In 1989 was Olavshallen finished. TSO moved from Frimurerlogen to the new concert hall that year with musicians and management.[3]

Artistic leaders and Chief Conductors for Trondheim Symphony Orchestra[edit]

Morten Svendsen 1909 – 1922
S. A. Withammer 1922 – 1930
Håkon Hoem 1930- 1946
Olav Kielland 1946 – 1947
Arvid Fladmoe 1947 – 1950
Finn Audun Oftedal 1950 – 1981
Jiri Starek 1981 – 1984
Leonid Grin 1985
Ole Kristian Ruud 1987 – 1995
Daniel Harding 1997 – 2000
Eivind Aadland 2003 – 2010
Krzysztof Urbanski 2010 -


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