Tropical cyclones in the Arabian Sea

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Gonu in the Arabian Sea

The Arabian Sea is a sea located to the north of the Indian Ocean. Tropical cyclones in the basin are abbreviated ARB by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the official Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre (RSMC) of the basin.

The Arabian Sea's coast is shared among India, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Somalia.[1]

Monsoons are characteristic of the Arabian Sea and responsible for the yearly cycling of its waters. In summer, strong winds blow from the southwest to the northeast, bringing rain to the Indian subcontinent. During the winter, the winds are milder and blow in the opposite direction, from the northeast to the southwest.[1]

Cyclones are very rare in the Arabian Sea, but the basin can produce strong tropical cyclones. Super Cyclonic Storm Gonu was the strongest recorded tropical cyclone in the basin.[2][3] [4]

Strongest Arabian Sea cyclones[edit]

The list below contains the ten strongest tropical cyclones in terms of atmospheric pressure which have formed over the Arabian Sea since 1990.

No. Name Lowest Pressure (mbar) Year Image
01 Gonu 920 2007
Gonu 04 jun 2007 0900Z lg.jpg
02 ARB 01 932 2001
Tropical Cyclone 01A 24 may 2001 0936Z.jpg
03 ARB 01 946 1999
Tropical Cyclone 02A (1999).jpg
04 Nilofar 950 2014
Nilofar 2014-10-28 0939Z.jpg
05 ARB 02 958 1998
TC Gujarat 1998.gif
06 Phet 970 2010
07 ARB 01 972 1996 N/A
08 05A 976 1996
05A Oct 23 1996 0851Z.png
09 02A 977 2003
Tropical Cyclone 02A 14 nov 2003 0908Z.jpg
10 ARB 02 980 1994
Cyclone ARB 02 7 Jun 1994 1221z.png
11 ARB 04 984 1994 N/A
12 Phyan 988 2009
Cyclone Phyan western India.jpg

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