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Trove app-icon.png
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Key people Vijay Ravindran (CEO)
Rob Malda
Type of site Social network news aggregator
Launched January 2014; 1 year ago (2014-01)

Trove is a personalized news aggregator web and mobile application on iOS, Android, and Fire Phone. Trove (formerly WaPo Labs) [1] is also the name of the company that develops the Trove application.

Usage and features[edit]

Trove allows users to discover, read, and share articles in collections called troves. A trove is a collection of news articles organized together by search parameters and a catalogue of public RSS feeds from around the web. A trove can be curated by a user, by Trove editors, or by Trove's algorithm.[2]

Trove users' homepages are personalized based on the interests they specify on Trove and on Twitter and Facebook and contain top news stories selected by Trove's editors.[3]

To recommend or share articles found on Trove, curators use the "Pick" button, which drives a story to the top of the selected trove and allows the user to share the article on social media. Stories outside of Trove can be selected and added to a trove with the "Pickmarklet," a bookmarklet on web and mobile browsers.


In 2009, Washington Post Labs (WaPo Labs) was created as the digital innovation and technology team of The Washington Post Company. In 2010, The Washington Post Company acquired iCurrent,[4] a personalized news and information service that became the basis for the company's news application. In August 2013, after CEO Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post Company's newspaper division,[5] WaPo Labs was formally renamed Trove. Trove remained part of the parent company, which was renamed Graham Holdings Company (GHC).[6]

Graham Holdings Chief Digital Officer Vijay Ravindran is Trove's CEO[7] and Slashdot co-founder Rob Malda serves as VP of Product Management.[8] Headquarters are in Washington, D.C. with a second office in San Francisco.

Product evolution[edit]

Trove's First Launch
In April 2011, the first iteration of Trove was launched as a personalized news web application.[9]

Washington Post Social Reader
In September 2011, the WaPo Labs team optimized the web application for Facebook and launched Washington Post Social Reader,[10] one of the first social news applications to leverage Facebook's Open Graph technology. Social Reader had 17 million monthly users at its peak. iCurrent powered the personalization technology behind Social Reader.

Trove's Relaunch and Platform Releases
In January 2014, Trove relaunched as an iOS and web application. The New York Times,[11] USA Today,[12] and The Today Show[13] have given positive reviews.

Trove launched on the Android platform in July 2014.[14]

In collaboration with Amazon's Fire phone launch in July 2014, Trove began providing news search results through the Firefly plugin. When Fire phone users scan something with Firely, Trove for Fire phone will return relevant news articles and troves.[15]