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Trsteno (Italian: Cannosa, Dalmatic: Canait) is a district of Dubrovnik in southern Croatia, population 237 (2001). It is located on the magistral road between the Orašac and Slano.

Trsteno Arboretum[edit]

Trsteno is most famous for its arboretum, the oldest in this part of the world.[1]

Trsteno arboretum, renowned for its historic gardens and a collection of Mediterranean and exotic plants, was founded in 1948 in the area of the summer residence of the Dubrovnik Gučetić-Gozze aristocrat family. The entire arboretum is a protected monument of garden architecture.


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Coordinates: 42°43′N 17°59′E / 42.717°N 17.983°E / 42.717; 17.983