Trucchi's Supermarkets

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Type supermarket chain
Genre food
Predecessors Hometown Stores (1928-1947)
Tremont Super Market (1947-1962)
Founded 1962
Founders William M. Trucchi Sr.
Headquarters Raynham, Massachusetts
Number of locations 6
Services food, deli, ice cream, desserts
Website Trucchi's Official Website as of 2005

Trucchi's Supermarkets is a regional supermarket chain based in Raynham, Massachusetts. This neighborhood grocery store was created by a young ambitious adolescent entrepreneur by the name of William M. Trucchi Sr. The son of Italian immigrants, opened his first store in July 1928, on Tremont Street in Taunton. Although at the time the store was the mere size of a small house, the store's space, image, etc. expanded over the years. Its present-day corporate headquarters and distribution center are located in the town of Raynham, Massachusetts.


Trucchi's in West Bridgewater


It was July 1, 1928, at the age of sixteen, with $500 he had borrowed from his Italian immigrate parents, William. M. Trucchi Sr. opened his first store on Tremont Street in Taunton, Massachusetts. It was the size of a small house and went under the name Hometown Stores.

1929 - 1931

William's fledgling business weathered the depression. It was during those hard times that William would extend credit to those who were unable to pay, establishing a bond with his neighborhood patrons.


By 1932 the business started to expand. It became necessary to enlarge Hometown Stores in 1939. The house connected to the store was torn down, and with a new addition in its place the store became twice the size of the original. William remodeled the store once more in 1947 and at this time changed the name from Hometown Stores to Tremont Super Market.


Tremont Super Market grew rapidly. In 1952, with the idea in mind of creating his own distribution center, William decided to purchase R. F. Owens Company, a wholesale grocery company located on Montello Street in Brockton.


The Montello Street building, although adequate at the time, quickly became overcrowded. In 1957 William purchased ten acres of land on Broadway in Raynham upon which he erected a modern warehouse to better service his customers.


Even with the Raynham warehouse, William realized more space was needed. This led to the purchase a building on Chandler Ave. in Taunton in 1962. This same year, Trucchi's Discount Food Store was opened in the center of West Bridgewater. Customers flocked from miles around. After four years of steady growth the need for expansion was apparent. Fortunately for William, Star Markets was selling sixty acres of land only a short distance from the old store. Shortly after acquiring this land he built a new, larger, more modern market and named it Trucchi's Supermarket.


With continued growth, the Chandler Ave. building required expansion in 1965.


Taunton's first shopping center was created by William in 1967. In addition to the newly constructed Tremont St. market, it housed a laundromat, beauty salon, barber shop, pharmacy and sporting goods store.


In 1971 William obtained land and a small store on County St. in Taunton from his brother-in-law Joseph Bisio. The building was razed to make way for another Trucchi's supermarket.


The North Abington store was originally a First National store, which William purchased in 1975.


In 1982, at the age of sixty-nine, William Trucchi Sr. died.


The North Abington store, purchased eight years earlier, was modernized in 1983 in order to provide more retail space.


In 1986, to achieve a more efficient operation, the warehouse in Raynham was modernized and expanded. The warehouse on Chandler Ave. was sold, thereby consolidating the distribution center under one roof.


The County Street store was expanded in 1988, growing from 9,000 to 43,000 square feet (4,000 m2). An entirely new market was built around the existing market. Aside from the expansion of every department, a complete bakery and fish department were created.


In 1992, the store at Tremont Street and the entire shopping plaza encompassing other stores was expanded and modernized. The supermarket, with a 55,000-square-foot (5,100 m2) area, became Trucchi's largest store.


In December 1995, the Trucchi family placed a bid on a former Almacs store located on Acushnet Ave. in New Bedford.


In March 1996 it was clear that the old Almacs building would house Trucchi's number five. Cleanup and renovations began immediately, and on June 8, 1996, Trucchi's in New Bedford opened its doors. On September 8, 1996, the Abington store celebrated their grand reopening. A number of departments and services were added to make Abington a full-service store.


In 1998, renovations for the West Bridgewater store were completed. The grand reopening was celebrated February 28, 1998. The existing 18,977-square-foot (1,763.0 m2) structure was replaced with a 41,934-square-foot (3,895.8 m2) full service market.


In March 2012, Trucchi's opened a new store in Middleborough, Massachusetts at the site of the former Stop & Shop.

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