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Art on Suzuki
Customised bus in Pakistan

Much like Billboard painting in Pakistan, another indigenous form of art created in Pakistan is Truck Painting. With colorful floral patterns, creative depictions of heroes with calligraphy of poetic verses, this form of art is an established part of Pakistani transport tradition[1]

General practice of truck decor[edit]

Customised truck in Pakistan
The Karachi Tram in Melbourne, Australia during the 2006 Commonwealth Games

Many trucks and buses in Pakistan are highly customized and decorated by their owners. These adorned vehicles are considered as moving art, or jingle art. Because of their unique decor style, these vehicles are quite distinct in layout from other trucks around the world.[dubious ] Each part of the vehicle is decorated differently, with variations depending on the regional style. Although the decorative process is usually very expensive, it is still practiced throughout Pakistan as well as a few other countries of South Asia and Central Asia with great zeal and aesthetic zest.[peacock term] In Pakistan a truck driver/owner usually pays $3,000 to $5,000 for their vehicle's external decoration[2] This decoration includes structural changes, paintings, calligraphy, ornamental decor and more. Mirror work on the front and back of vehicles and wooden carvings on the truck doors are commonly used. Usually, the driver or the owner takes the truck to a coach workshop soon after its purchase for this decoration. The artist embellishes each truck according to the particular tastes of the driver,.[3]

The sides of the truck depict different scenes through their adorned artwork and may include metal "decoration pieces" which draw additional attention to the vehicle. The exterior of the trucks are often adorned with poetry.[4]

Goods Transport companies play major role in this art [5]

Decorative elements[edit]

  • Colour
  • Form
  • Calligraphy
  • Flora and fauna

Decor style of major regions[edit]

Karachi is a major bedecking center for such trucks, though there are other hubs in Rawalpindi, Swat, Peshawar, Quetta and Lahore. Nearly every city in Pakistan has a unique décor. Trucks from Balochistan and Peshawar are heavily trimmed with wood. Trucks from Rawalpindi and Islamabad have prominently featured plastic work. Camel bone ornamentation is commonly seen in trucks decorated by artists from Sindh.[4] Thus these trucks are also representative of different historical and cultural regions of Pakistan.

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A public transport bus in El Gouna, Egypt customised and highly decorated in genuine Pakistani style


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