Trude Brænne Larssen

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Trude Brænne Larssen
Born (1967-01-01) January 1, 1967 (age 48)
Nationality Norwegian
Occupation Author

Trude Brænne Larssen (born January 1, 1967 in Tønsberg) is a Norwegian novelist. She is the author of the series Holmegaard (11 books), "Ulveøyne" (25 books) and "Rimfrost" (14 books), and has contributed to the series "Emilies Tid". Most of her books are published on the Egmont publishing house.

Ulveøyne series[edit]

Ulveøyne consist of 25 books released between March 1996 and February 2000. A short novel based on part of the second book, Trellfødt, was released in August/September 1997. Egmont began to re-release the series in 2007 after the success of its sequel, Rimfrost. Ulveøyne means "wolf eyes" and refers to the main character's grey eyes.

Ulveøyne centers around Ulva, a young slavegirl from Norway. It begins about a year before she's born, and then follows her as she grows up in slavery, then as she's sold at a market and later kills a man after an attack. She escapes and runs into many dangers and difficulties, including being taken in by the "mountain people", a tall, magical people who live inside the mountains.

Rimfrost series[edit]

The first book in the Rimfrost series was published in early 2007. The 14th, and last, book was released on March 10, 2008. Rimfrost means 'white frost' and is a reference to the main characters unnaturally white hair.

Rimfrost follows Rime, Ulva's only child, and begins about 180 years after Ulveøyne ended. Rime is a healer and survives by the money she earns by helping people. Unlike her mother Rime was born free, and she does not age due to her father, Arolin's heritage. Her appearance is that of a 19-20 year old woman with long, snow white hair.

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