Trude Mostue

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Trude Mostue
Trude Mostue with two cats.jpg
Mostue with two cats
Photo: Eirik Newth
Born Trude Mostue
28 March 1968
Oslo, Norway
Residence United Kingdom/Norway
Occupation Veterinary surgeon, television cast member, television presenter
Years active 1996-present
Known for Recurring roles in BBC veterinary and animal-related series and specials
Home town Siggerud
Television E.g., Vet School,
Vets in Practice
Partner(s) Howard Thomas (2001-2006)
Children Frøya Molly (born 2002)
Erik Delme (born 2003)
Hilda Nellie (born 2005)

Trude Mostue (born 28 March 1968) is a Norwegian veterinary surgeon, a recurring television cast member appearing as herself in roles as a veterinary student and veterinarian, and later, appearing as as a television presenter. Her most widely recognized television roles were in the BBC Vet School in 1996, and later in the follow-up series Vets in Practice (1997-2002), though she went on to present or co-present in a variety of wildlife programmes. Late in the BBC television experience and after, Mostue became a mother to three children, and on leaving England has returned to veterinary practice in Norway.

Early life[edit]

Mostue was born in Oslo, Norway, grew up in Siggerud.[citation needed]

Television roles[edit]

Mostue lived in the United Kingdom for many years, appearing in the BBC television series Vet School (1996), and later in the follow-up series Vets in Practice (63 episodes, 1997-2002). After the end of the series, she appeared in a variety of British documentaries relating to animals,[clarification needed][citation needed] and presented the wildlife programmes Vets in the Wild[1] and Britain's Worst Pets.[citation needed] In addition, she appeared on the programmes Holiday and Through the Keyhole. In 2006 she appeared in Skal vi danse, the Norwegian version of Strictly Come Dancing.

Professional veterinary practice[edit]

Mostue now resides in Norway, where she is co-owner of a veterinary clinic.[where?][citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Mostue became engaged to Howard Thomas in 2001.[citation needed] They have had three children together, Frøya Molly (born 2002), Erik Delme (born 2003) and Hilda Nellie (born 2005).[citation needed] As of October 2006, Mostue had broken off the relationship.[citation needed]

Further reading[edit]

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