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Not to be confused with True People's Party.

The True People's Party (Serbian: Права народна странка, Prava narodna stranka) was a political party in Montenegro.

Also known locally as pravaši, its members were supporters of the absolute rule of King Nikola I of Montenegro. Members included: Jovan S. Plamenac, Lazar Mijušković, Mitar Radulović, Niko Tatar and priest Krsto Popović. The party aimed for the protection of the liberties, justice and equality of every Montenegrin citizen.[citation needed]

The party was founded in 1907 by Prince Nikola I, as a result of the People's Party boycott on the elections as a mark of protest against Nikola's bad relations with Serbia. The pravaši supported Nikola's rule and proclaimed him King in 1910.

At the 1913 elections, both Montenegrin parties ran, and the People's Party defeated the True People's Party and won an outstanding victory, winning most of the Parliament's mandates. In the wake of the forthcoming Great War, the True People's Party rejoined the main People's Party and the altered its program to include unification of Montenegro with Serbia.