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The Truman National Security Project is a national security leadership institute based in Washington, D.C. It is the nation's only organization that recruits, trains, and positions progressives across America to lead on national security.[1] The organization is named after President Harry S. Truman, whose foreign policy vision "transformed a moment of unprecedented threat into an era of unimagined opportunity and prosperity."[2]

The Truman Project advisory board includes Madeleine Albright, Gregory Craig, John Podesta, and Anne-Marie Slaughter; Rachel Kleinfeld is the founder and President.[3]

Truman Project programs[edit]

The Truman National Security Project is devoted to training progressives to deepen their understanding of national security issues and master the communications skills needed to make their case in the public square. The Truman Project trains policy experts, academics, elected officials, congressional staffers, veterans, and communications, media, and political professionals through a wide array of training programs. These programs include the one-year Truman Security Fellowship, which offers training in national security and access to a network of peers and leaders; the Congressional Security Scholars program, which provides progressive Congressional staffers with national security training; and national security bootcamps, one-day trainings tailored to states and localities which provide progressive leaders with the foundations of national security understanding, and training in talking about tough issues. The basic bootcamp has six segments:

  • The Progressive National Security Story: Our History and Values
  • National Security at Home: Making it Local
  • Military 101 with Recent Veterans: Understanding the U.S. Armed Forces, Their Culture, and How to Connect With Our Troops
  • How Progressives Undermine Our Messages, and How to Communicate Better: Talking with the American People About Security and Progressive Values
  • Scenario Exercises: Talking about Security at a Town Hall and on Fox News

Operation Free[edit]

Operation Free is a project of the Truman National Security Project that organizes military veterans to speak out on issues of climate change and sustainable energy security. Operation FREE has sent hundreds of veterans on a cross-country bus tour,[4] and has arranged meetings between veterans and decision makers, including organizing a briefing for White House personnel on clean energy.[5]

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