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Trump Ice was a bottled water brand owned by Donald J. Trump. Trump Ice was sold at national grocery chains and at specialty food stores. As of February 2010, the website for Trump Ice ( is no longer active. Trump Ice is no longer being marketed or sold.

Executive Vice President[edit]

Originally Kelly Perdew was crowned as the Project Manager to oversee development of Trump Place after he was hired in the The Apprentice, season two finale. Because Perdew did a very good job, he was privately appointed as Executive Vice President of Trump Ice as part of his contractual extension with The Trump Organization.

On Television[edit]

  • Trump Ice was featured in season 1 of The Apprentice when the competitors had to try to solicit and to sell the water.
  • On a recent Entertainment Tonight interview, Sylvester Stallone, who had also launched his own bottled water line, was asked to take a blind taste test of two types of water: his and that of a competitor. When asked which one he preferred, Stallone correctly identified his water, stating that he wouldn't wash his socks using the other (Trump) water. When told that the other water was Trump Ice, Stallone laughed and apologized to Donald Trump. Somewhat shocked by the proceedings, Stallone joked that Rocky VII would be a showdown between his and Trump's brands of water.[citation needed]