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For other buildings of the same name see Trump Plaza
Trump Plaza
Trump Plaza.jpg
Location Atlantic City, New Jersey
Address 2500 Boardwalk
Opening date May 26, 1984
Closing date September 16, 2014
Theme Luxury Resort
Number of rooms 906
Total gaming space 91,181 sq ft (8,471.0 m2)[1]
Notable restaurants Max's Steakhouse, Rainforest Cafe
Casino type Land-based
Owner Trump Entertainment Resorts
Operating license holder Trump Plaza Associates
Renovated in 2006

Trump Plaza was a hotel and casino located on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Designed by architect Martin Stern, Jr., it was opened in 1984 and was owned by Trump Entertainment Resorts. It was closed permanently on September 16, 2014. Donald Trump said he was going to sue Trump Entertainment if they do not remove his name from the company [2]


Harrah's at Trump Plaza opened May 26, 1984, as a joint venture between Donald Trump and Harrah's Atlantic City.[3][4] Trump built the complex and it was managed by Harrah's and contained 614 rooms, seven restaurants, a health club, a 750-seat showroom and a 60,000 sq.ft. casino all on a narrow 2.6-acre plot of land next to Caesars Atlantic City. Within five months, the Harrah's name was removed from the casino and it became known only as Trump Plaza.[5] Part of the reason for this is that Harrah's was commonly associated and attracted low-rolling gamblers, but Trump had built 85 high-roller suites, which were rarely used.[6] Revenue for the seven months it was open in 1984 the casino was placed seventh out of the ten casinos operating in the city at the time, which led to Trump taking over the entire casino from Harrah's. In 1989, the East Tower of the complex was opened, expanding the resort to a total of 906 rooms. The East Tower is a former Holiday Inn constructed in the 1960s, but closed after gambling was approved in 1976 with the intention of becoming the Penthouse Hotel and Casino. Trump later purchased the unfinished casino project, demolished the shell that was to become the casino, renovated the tower and covered its brick facade in white stucco to match the rest of the casino.

Trump Plaza hosted the Wrestlemania IV and Wrestlemania V events in 1988 and 1989 respectively. Although the World Wrestling Federation billed the events as being held at the Trump Plaza and Casino, in reality Trump was only the sponsor of both events, which were in fact held at the nearby Atlantic City Convention Hall.

On May 24, 2011, Trump Entertainment Resorts announced that a decision would be made within two months to either sell the casino or to renovate and expand it, possibly with a joint venture partner.[7] In February 2013, the company proposed to sell the property for $20 million to the Meruelo Group, a California-based company whose businesses include the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. Meruelo planned to make significant investments in the property and rename it.[8] In April 2013, the deal was put on hold when Trump Entertainment was unable to obtain a release of its mortgage.[9] Carl Icahn, senior lender for the mortgage, declined to approve the sale for the proposed price.[10]


On July 12, 2014, it was reported that the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino would close on September 16, 2014, if a buyer was not found, putting an estimated 1,000 employees out of work. In early August of 2014 Donald Trump filed a lawsuit requesting his name be removed from the facility since he no longer runs or controls Trump Entertainment Resorts.[11]

The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino closed permanently on September 16, 2014.[12] This was the fourth Atlantic City casino to close in 2014, after Atlantic Club Hotel Casino closed on January 13, 2014, Showboat Hotel Casino closed on August 31, 2014 and Revel Hotel and Casino closed on September 2, 2014. This closing leaves approximately 1,300 former Trump Plaza and affiliated businesses located within this complex, and their employees all out of work.[13][14]


Fine dining[edit]

  • Max's Steakhouse
  • Roberto's Ristorante

Casual dining[edit]

  • 24 Central Cafe
  • China Cafe
  • Evo
  • Liquid Bar

Quick service[edit]

Bars & Nightclubs[edit]

Trump Plaza contained two nightclubs, Liquid Bar and Jezebel's, and a seasonal bar on the beach named The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza.


The complex was at the center of a major eminent domain court case in the mid-1990s, when Trump Enterprises sought to obtain the property of Vera Coking, a retired homeowner whose house was adjacent to Trump Plaza.[15] In Coking vs. C.R.D.A., Donald Trump, and Trump Plaza, Mrs. Coking was victorious,[16] and plans to build a limousine parking lot on her property were thwarted. Mrs. Coking was represented Pro bono, by Institute for Justice (IJ) [17] IJ is a public interest law firm.

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