Trunojoyo University

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Trunojoyo University
Universitas Trunojoyo
Trunojoyo University's Symbol
Established 2001
Type State
Rector Prof. Dr.Ir.H.Ariffin, MSc.
Location Bangkalan, Indonesia
Campus Urban

Trunojoyo University is a public university located in the District Bangkalan (Madura), East Java province, Indonesia. University Trunojoyo (Unijoyo) to public universities under the Presidential Decree dated July 5, 2001. College was inaugurated on July 23, 2001 by President Abdurrahman Wahid.


University Trunojoyo is a continuation of the University of Bangkalan Madura (Unibang) the 'change status' of Private Higher Education Institutions to State Universities, based on Presidential Decree No. 85 of 2001 dated July 5, 2001.

The inauguration took place on July 23, 2001. In his speech, Abdurrahman Wahid as President of the Republic of Indonesia at the time, said that one of the Madurese community desire to have the State University has been reached. Secondly, the other a desire to be connected with the island of Madura island of Java, has implemented the launching Suramadu Bridge by President Megawati on August 20, 2003.

The existence of such University Trunojoyo existing condition, still in the stage of basic improvements, such as building renovation courses, office administration or faculty office, and campus infrastructure such as electricity and water installations, campus parks and sports facilities in the campus. Also conducted to supplement the efforts and the procurement of laboratory facilities at the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Engineering.

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