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This article is about the modern Bundeswehr rank. For the Nazi Sturmabteilung rank, see Truppführer (SA).

Truppführer (English: (sub)unit leader, troop leader) is an appointment to military staff given the order to command, control or lead a sub-unit (e.g. Fireteam) up to seven people in German speaking armed forces. However, in the civil area it may be the function designation to a individual in charge or responsible to lead a team of up to 3/5 people.

Relief organization & disaster control service[edit]

In relief organization, disaster control service, serge and rescue team, or technical help organization the Truppführer leads a small team of tree to fife individuals, usually contractors. He is normally tasked or instruction by his superior Gruppenführer, and acts as deputy or assistant Gruppenführer. At least two Trupps build a Gruppe (en: group).


Trupp self-contained
(German fire-brigade)

Pertaining to German fire-brigade, Truppführer characterizes a person in charge to lead a team up to two fireman. The proper name Feuerwehrtrupp (en: fire-brigade team) is the designation to the smallest firefighter´s sub-unit. The number of individuals per Feuerwehrtrupp may diver as to the particular mission.

A fire-brigade Truppführer may also act as leader of a self-contained Feuerwehrtrupp. He is able to handle special missions and can proceed in the role as commander of the vehicle crew. In this function he may be superior to one Truppman (en: Troop man) and one Maschinist (en: Machine man). The Truppführer of self-contained Feuerwehrtrupp is also qualified to act on higher qualification in the role as Gruppenführer.

Induvidual Truppführer tasks & responsibilities
  • to meet the goals and objectives of the particular mission
  • to lead the Trupp in line to the security an savety of live regulations


Trupp symbols Bundeswehr
(in lione to symbols in NATO)

Truppführer (short: TrpFr) may be the appointment or function designation of a person in uniform in the modern day German Bundeswehr. Normally one is authorized, mandated and competent to command, control, or lead (permanent or temporary) a Trupp (sub-subunit or small military team below platoon level) that – depending on the service, branch, or branch of service – normally contains two to six service members or soldiers.[1]

Corresponding designations to Trupp / Truppführer in Anglophone armed forces are “party“, “patrol“ or “team“ (e.g. support team, machine gun teams, mortar teams, sniper teams, … etc.) / “leader“ (short: … LDR, L).[2]

In the Bundeswehr some Trupps build a Gruppe (en: group); three to four groups build a Zug (en: platoon). To the appointment of Truppführer might be assigned normally an enlisted rank (up to OR-3) or a junior NCO (OR-4). However, in the German special command and support troops (de: Führungsunterstützungstruppen) to Truppführer might be appointed higher ranks as well.

Examples to Truppführer / sub-unit leader
  • Mechanised infantry (de:Panzergrenadiertruppe): Truppführer Schützentrupp (from the armoured vehicle dismounted Schützentrupp)
  • Signal troops (de: Fernmeldetruppe): Funktruppführer
  • Maintenance troops (de:Instandsetzungstruppe): Instandsetzungstruppführer
  • Artillery troops (de: Artillerietruppe): Geschützführer (commander of a gun crew)
  • Armoured troops (de: Panzertruppe): Panzerkommandant (crew commander of an armoured vehicle / battle tank)
  • Company/ Battery troop commander (de: Kompanietruppführer / Batterietruppführer: commands as sub-unit leader the Kompanietrupp, respectively in *artillery troops and anti aircraft troops the Battery troop (de: Batterietrupp (new: Stabsdienstbearbeiter SK (StDstBeabr SK))[3]

Military symbol – Trupp / Truppführer (2 – 7 men) – in NATO-armed forces:

  • One single point (● Trupp / Truppführer general); respectively
  • One lying rectangle with one point above (Trupp as single sub-unit) on military maps
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