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Trust Oldham, The Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation Limited
Trust Oldham logo.png
Trust Oldham's Logo
Motto Keep The Faith
Formation 2003
Type Football Supporters Trust
Headquarters Oldham, Greater Manchester, England
701 (as of 2008)
Barry Owen
Affiliations Supporters Direct, Football Supporters' Federation
Website Trust Oldham Website

Trust Oldham is a Supporters' trust, for the English football club, Oldham Athletic based in Oldham, Greater Manchester.


The trust was formed in 2003 after previous Latics owner Chris Moore left the club in financial dire straits. Trust Oldham, which was officially launched at a meeting in the Rochdale Road End stand at Boundary Park was formed to save the club from liquidation. The Trust's first fundraising event was a match between the Millennium Allstars and the Wembley Wizards which saw former Latics players take to the Boundary Park pitch. The event raised over £100,000.[1]

After an American consortium made up of Simon Blitz, Danny Gazal and Simon Corney from New York took over the reins at Boundary Park, Trust Oldham agreed to buy a 3% stake in the club for £200,000. This 3% stake gave Trust Oldham a voice on the board of directors of the football club, making it a powerful medium between the fans and the clubs.

Trust Oldham continues to work with Oldham Athletic and expand its horizons with new events and new fundraising ideas all to help ensure that the future of Oldham Athletic is always secure.

Trust Oldham has a director on the board of the football club. Many Football Trusts aim to own a share in the football club they represent so they can report on the internal working with the fans and take fans ideas, suggestions and complaints to boardroom level.


The Trust hold an annual dinner each year, usually at the White Hart in Lydgate.[citation needed]

The trust held "A Question of Latics" event[2] in March 2009 at the Playhouse 2[3] in Shaw. Former players Ian Wood, David Eyres, Rodger Wylde and Andy Barlow joined Inspiral Carpets guitarist Graham Lambert and Lee Hughes, who at the time was a Latics player. The event took the format of a Michael Parkinson style interview followed by A Question of Sport.

In November 2009 the Trust once again held "A Question of Latics" in Shaw. Andy Ritchie, Joe Royle, Andy Rhodes, Les Chapman and Lee Duxbury were among the contributors. A Room 101 segment was included.[citation needed]

Purchases for the club[edit]

The Trust has helped the club with some costs over the last few years. These have included the purchase of a mini-bus in October 2004 which is loaned to the club on an ongoing basis in a donation worth £20,000.[1]

In April 2005 Trust Oldham contributed a further £20,000 towards the signing of Luke Beckett on loan from Sheffield United.[1] And in April 2008 the trust bought a new tractor for the club groundsmen.[4]

Over the course of its existence, Trust Oldham has donated on average £1,000 per month to Oldham Athletic.

Patrons and directors[edit]

The trust currently has four patrons: Andy Ritchie, Jimmy Frizzell, David Eyres and Joe Royle[5] and thirteen directors.[6] Directors come up for re-election every three years.


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