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Trusted Sources UK Ltd.
Type Privately Held Company
Industry Financial Services
Founded 2006
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Number of locations London, New York, Paris, Beijing, Moscow, São Paulo, New Delhi and Istanbul.
Key people

Nicholas Mather, Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence Brainard, Chief Economist

Jonathan Fenby, Director China research

Christopher Granville, Director Russia research

Elizabeth Johnson, Director Brazil research

Shumitah Deveshwar, Co-Director India research

Amitabh Dubey, Co-Director India research

Deepak Gopinath, Commodities and cross-EM themes

Trusted Sources UK Ltd. is an independent provider of research and consulting on emerging markets for institutional investors, corporations and governments. Trusted Sources was founded by Nicholas Mather,[1] Christopher Granville,[2] Lawrence Brainard[3] and Jonathan Fenby[4][5] in 2006 in London, United Kingdom.

Trusted Sources is country specialists with staff located in Beijing, Moscow, São Paulo, New Delhi and Istanbul.[6] The company's regular research covers Brazil, Russia and Former Soviet Union, India, China, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea. The company also carries out bespoke research[7] and due diligence on other countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

The company's research is directed towards country and policy analysis, particularly how change at the policy level drives value in sectors and multiple asset classes.[8] It analyzes macro country risks, including political cycles,[9] infrastructure development,[10] inflation[11] and societal issues.[12]

The company's clients are primarily institutional investors, although the company also provides briefing services and bespoke reports for corporations and governments.[13]


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