Tryst, IIT Delhi

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Tryst logo.jpg
Type Non-profit organisation
Founded 1992
Place Delhi, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Major events Algorithm, Diathlon, Robowars, Confluence
Core members 60
Slogan Geekier Than Thou

Tryst is the annual science and technology festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, held in February and March. The festival is attended by students from the Indian Institutes of Technology, National Institutes of Technology, and other Indian engineering and science colleges.


The Tryst logo is modeled on the hyperbolic paraboloid.


Tryst has featured a number of guest lecturers including Jeff Lieberman, Nathan Seiberg, Kazutaka Kurihara, Anil Kakodkar, and Montek Singh Ahluwalia.

Tryst 2008[edit]

Tryst ’08 was organized from 29 Feb – 2 March 2008 and had over 100 attendees[citation needed]. The theme of the festival was ‘Think, Create, Compete, Design and Indulge’, with the slogan "Experience the Dreams".[citation needed]

Tryst 2009[edit]

Tryst ’09 was organized from 28–29 March 2009 and had over 10000 participants.[citation needed] Events included Aero-modeling, Scanning tunneling microscope and Open Challenge.

Tryst 2010[edit]

Tryst 2010 was organized from 12–14 March 2010 and had over 12000 participants[citation needed].

Tryst 2011[edit]

Tryst 2011 was held from 25-28 February 2011.

Tryst 2012[edit]

Tryst 2012 was organized from 2-5 March 2012, with the involvement of the Academic Interaction Council (AIC) and the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) of IIT Delhi.[1][2]

Tryst 2013[edit]

Tryst 2013 was held from 1 to 4 March 2013, and had over 15,000 attendees.[citation needed]. In addition to flagship events and department specific events, clubs including the Automobile Club (SAE, Mini Baja, HPV), Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC), Robotics Club and Technocracy (Astronomy Club, Economics Club, Electronics Club) held additional events. The theme for Tryst 2013 was the commemoration of the weird, wacky and wild developments in science & technology.


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