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Book Information[edit]

Written in 1939 by Elswyth Thane, Tryst is a story of two people and a seemingly ordinary home. While the quick summary may make it sound like a Horror novel, it actually borders on Mystery and Romance.

Plot summary[edit]

After Hilary Shenstone died in the war, his spirit had a hard time with the thought of leaving England behind forever. Through some twist of fate, he finds his way back to his home of Nuns Farthing, only to find that the old house has some new tenants.

Sabrina Archer, a lonely girl of 17, moved with her father and aunt away from their city flat to the lavish summerhome of Nuns Farthing for her father's work. Finding a locked room at the top floor of the house, Sabrina picks the lock one afternoon and subsequently spends many days trying to find the identity of the man who used to enjoy the personal study.


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