Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3

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Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3 is a ballet made by New York City Ballet co-founder and founding choreographer George Balanchine to Tschaikovsky's Suite No. 3 for Orchestra in G major, Op. 55 (1884). The premiere took place on December 3, 1970, at the New York State Theater, Lincoln Center with scenery and costumes by Nicolas Benois.

Theme and Variations[edit]

Balanchine set the final movement of Tschaikovsky's third orchestra suite in 1947 for Ballet Theatre under the title Theme and Variations. He incorporated this choreography substantially unchanged into Tschaikovsky Suite No. 3 as the fourth–and final–movement, which is sometimes called Tema con variazioni, when he set the entire suit.




2008 Summer tour[edit]

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2009 Winter[edit]

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  1. ^ a b c d e f g h i first time in rôle
  2. ^ Adam Hendrickson replaced Daniel Ulbricht.
  3. ^ NYC rôle debut
  4. ^ a b Due to illness or injury, Ellen Bar and Robert Fairchild replaced Sara Mearns and Ask la Cour.
  5. ^ Andrew Veyette replaced Joaquín De Luz.


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