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Born (1987-12-25) December 25, 1987 (age 27)
Yamaguchi, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)

Tsubomi (つぼみ?), nicknamed the "Loli Queen", is a Japanese AV idol who, by May 2014, had appeared in more than 1300 adult videos, almost half of which were compilations of earlier works.[1]

Life and career[edit]

Tsubomi was born 25 December 1987 in Yamaguchi, Japan[2][3] According to an interview, she had a job in a toy store when she received a magazine with an advertisement for a high paying part-time job while walking down the street. When she called the phone number and found out that it was an adult video firm, she immediately hung up, but called back later for an audition.[4] She debuted in the adult video industry in April 2006 at age eighteen[2][4] with the film Barely Pixelated Newcomer Tsubomi (新人ギリギリモザイク つぼみ) for the S1 company[5][6] and she appeared exclusively with that company for the rest of 2006.[4]

In addition to continuing her hardcore work, Tsubomi also starred in the softcore erotic romance V-cinema release Cream Lemon (くりいむレモン いけないマコちゃん?) in 2007.[7] At the 2009 AV Grand Prix awards, two of her videos won awards, S-Cute Ex Special took the Best Amateur Award, and Tsubomi - Semen Club from Waap Entertainment was given a Special Award in the Fetish Video category.[8]

Tsubomi debuted as a singer in 2010 releasing the single Dream Fireworks (夢花火 Yume hanabi?) on the internet.[2][4]

The Japanese men's magazine Weekly Playboy named her AV actress of the year for 2011.[9] In 2012 the major Japanese adult video distributor DMM held a poll of its customers to choose the 100 all time best AV actresses to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the debut of adult videos in Japan. Tsubomi took first place in the voting.[10]

In June 2013, Tsubomi appeared in a video about a Medical Sex Worker in Japan produced by Vice.[11]

Tsubomi starred in another V-cinema production in 2012, the suspenseful mystery Emily (エミリ Emiri?) for director and writer Heitaro Han.[12] She also appeared on the TV Tokyo late night television show Nude Journey (旅ヌード Tabi nūdo?) in March 2014. The show brings together women in the modeling industry who are strangers to each other and sends them on an extended trip abroad. Tsubomi's companions were gravure idol Abe Miho and AV actress Yoshikawa Manami.[13]

Selected filmography[edit]

Adult Videos (AV)[edit]

Release date Video title Company Director Notes
2006-04-19 Barely Pixelated Newcomer Tsubomi
新人ギリギリモザイク つぼみ
Yuji Sakamoto Debut
2008-03-06 SOD Rape Hospital The Premium
SOD陵辱病棟 The プレミアム
Nampaou With Asami Sugiura, Nene, Akane Mochida, Hikari Hino, Anna Kosaka, Yuka Osawa & Rimu Himeno
2008-11-19 S-Cute Ex Special S-Cute
With ICHIKA, Nurie Mihana, Anri Kawai, Mimi Kousaka & Kurara Iijima
2008-11-22 Tsubomi - Semen Club
Waap Entertainment
2009-04-18 HyperTrophy Genitals Girl
Noboru Iguchi
2009-04-19 House of Rope
縄の家 緊縛絵師と背徳姉妹
TOHJIRO Co-starring Mayura Hoshitsuki
2009-12-05 Female Announcer Facial Cumshot!
Uzumaki Sasaki With Maria Ozawa, Maki Hojo & Rui Saotome
2009-12-19 M-Drug Tsubomi
Mドラッグ つぼみ
2010-07-13 Semen Drunken Master
Moodyz Gati
Alala Kurosawa


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