Tsuen Wan City Landmark

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Coordinates: 22°22′16″N 114°7′5″E / 22.37111°N 114.11806°E / 22.37111; 114.11806

Tsuen Wan City Landmark I
Tsuen Wan City Landmark II (Tsuen Wan Town Square)

Tsuen Wan City Landmark (Chinese: 荃灣城市中心) is a private housing estate and shopping mall in Tsuen Wan Town, New Territories, Hong Kong. Its phase 1 (Tsuen Wan City Landmark I, Chinese: 荃灣城市中心I, opened in 1996) and phase 2 (Tsuen Wan City Landmark II Chinese: 荃灣城市中心II or Tsuen Wan Town Square Chinese: 荃灣城市廣場, opened in 1989) are located at Chung On Street and Castle Peak Road respectively, and they were developed by Henderson Land Development.[1]

The shopping mall in phase 1 and 2 covers the total area of 330,000 square feet (31,000 m2). Two phases are connected by air-conditioned pedestrian footbridge. The largest tenant of the shopping mall is Citistore Tsuen Wan Branch, which has been regarded as one of the landmarks in Tsuen Wan Town Centre. Citistore is also the subsidiary of Henderson Land Development.[2][3]


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