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Tsukamoto Station (塚本駅 Tsukamoto-eki?) is a train station on the Tōkaidō Line in Tsukamoto Nichome, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.



    Station and wye layout




This station has 2 elevated island platforms with 4 tracks. Tracks 1 and 4 are fenced because no trains running on the outer tracks stop at this station.

1 passing trains  
2 JR Kyōto Line for Osaka, Shin-Ōsaka, Takatsuki and Kyōto
3 JR Kōbe Line for Sannomiya and Himeji / (JR Takarazuka Line) for Takarazuka
4 passing trains  
  • This station is an intermediate station on the "JR Kobe Line". However, the only direction for Sannomiya and Takarazuka is informed as the "JR Kobe Line" and the opposite direction (for Osaka and Kyoto) as the "JR Kyoto Line".
  • Rapid trains pass the following tracks of this station.
    • Outer tracks - special rapid services, JR Takarazuka Line rapid services, JR Kobe Line rapid services (morning and evening)
    • Inner tracks - JR Kobe Line rapid services (except above)


A wye is located in the north of Tsukamoto Station, connecting to Miyahara Depot on the Hoppo Freight Line. The wye is treated as a part of the facilities of this station.

On the eastbound tracks, the first entering signal is located at the branch of the Hoppo Freight Line, the second is in the wye, the third is at the junction of the track from Miyahara, then the fourth is in the north of the platform for Osaka and Shin-Osaka. The departure signal is located in the south of the platform.

On the westbound tracks, the signal in the south of the platform for Amagasaki is not the entering signal but block signal 0. The entering signal is located in the north of the platform and the track branches off to Miyahara, then after passing several block signals in the wye, the departure signal is at the junction of the Hoppo Freight Line.

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
West Japan Railway Company (JR West)
Tōkaidō Line (JR Kobe Line)
Osaka   Local trains   Amagasaki
Rapid Service: no stop
Special Rapid Service: no stop
through to and from the Fukuchiyama Line (JR Takarazuka Line)
Osaka   Local trains (through to and from the JR Kyoto Line)   Amagasaki
Local trains (returning at Osaka): no stop
Rapid Service: no stop
Tambaji Rapid Service: no stop

Coordinates: 34°42′45.29″N 135°28′7.96″E / 34.7125806°N 135.4688778°E / 34.7125806; 135.4688778