Tsuneari Fukuda

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Tsuneari Fukuda (福田 恆存 Fukuda Tsuneari?, 1912 – 1994) was a Japanese dramatist, translator, and literary critic. In the 1950s he became known for his satirical play Kitty Typhoon and also The Man Who Stroked a Dragon.[1] He was linked to Shingeki and in 1955 he did a production of Hamlet with Hiroshi Akutagawa, son of Ryūnosuke Akutagawa, playing the lead role. He also wrote a 1957 essay Directing Shakespeare which dealt with his views on the subject of directing Shakespearean plays. Later he did a Japanese version, based on his translation, of A Midsummer Night's Dream.[2] In addition he helped found the Theatre Company Subaru and received the Yomiuri Prize multiple times.[3]