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Tsuyoshi Fujita
藤田 剛史
Born (1973-12-13) December 13, 1973 (age 41)[1]
Residence Osaka, Japan[1]
Nationality Japan Japanese
Pro Tour debut 1998 Worlds – Seattle[1]
Winnings US$156,027[2]
Pro Tour wins (Top 8) 0 (4)[3]
Grand Prix wins (Top 8) 2 (12)[4]
Median Pro Tour Finish 100
Lifetime Pro Points 305[5]
Planeswalker Level 49 (Archmage)

Tsuyoshi Fujita (藤田 剛史) is a professional Magic: The Gathering player from Osaka, Japan. His most notable finishes include three Pro Tour top eights. He was inducted to the Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Hall of Fame on 5 December 2007.[6] In addition to his playing ability, Fujita is also known as a deck builder, with players such as Masahiko Morita, and Tsuyoshi Ikeda attributing decks they have played to him.


Fujita began his Pro Tour career at the 1998 World Championship in Seattle, where he finished in 99th place. Over the next two seasons he began to enjoy some success at the Premier level. He made the top eight of Grand Prix in Taipei, and Kyoto, as well as the 1999 Asia Pacific Championship.

In the 2000–01 season he at first appeared to continue much the way he had done over the previous seasons, winning Grand Prix Kyoto, and reaching the top eight of Grand Prix Hiroshima. However, when the Pro Tour came to Japan, Fujita put up an historic finish. His finals appearance at Pro Tour Tokyo marked the first time a Japanese player had reached the top eight of a Pro Tour. Despite being on home turf, Fujita lost the finals to Zvi Mowshowitz.[7]

Fujita's success continued over the seasons that followed. In 2002 he made the top eight of the Masters Series held at Pro Tour San Diego but made a quarterfinal exit.[8] Other notable finishes include a win at Grand Prix Bangkok in 2003, six other Grand Prix top eights, and a win at the 2004 Japanese National Championship.[9]

In 2005 Fujita had his most successful season yet. At Grand Prix Seattle he made the top eight with an innovative deck based around Sneak Attack. At Pro Tour London, Fujita finally made his second Pro Tour top eight. Once again he made it all the way to the finals before being eliminated (this time by Geoffrey Siron).[10] By contrast, Fujita did not have to wait long for his third Pro Tour top eight. At the next Pro Tour, held in Los Angeles he reached the top eight again losing in the quarterfinals to Antoine Ruel.[11]

In 2007, Fujita was elected to the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame, alongside Kai Budde, Nicolai Herzog, Randy Buehler, and his Pro Tour Tokyo finals opponent Zvi Mowshowitz.[12] He since played the Pro Tours in the Asian Pacific region and had another Top 8 finish at Pro Tour Nagoya in 2011. Fujita completed the Swiss portion of the tournament in first place, but fell to eventual winner David Sharfman in the quarter-finals.


Top 8 appearances[edit]

Season Event type Location Format Date Rank
1997–98 Nationals Tokyo Special 4–5 July 1998 4
1998–99 Grand Prix Kyoto Limited 16–17 January 1999 4
1998–99 APAC Region Championship Singapore Special 27–28 March 1999 3
1999–00 Grand Prix Taipei Extended 12–13 February 2000 2
2000–01 Grand Prix Kyoto Extended 11–12 November 2000 1
2000–01 Grand Prix Hiroshima Limited 27–28 January 2001 6
2000–01 Pro Tour Tokyo Block Constructed 16–18 March 2001 2
2001–02 Grand Prix Hong Kong Limited 17–18 November 2001 3
2001–02 Masters San Diego Standard 11–13 January 2002 7
2001–02 Grand Prix Fukuoka Limited 16–17 February 2002 6
2001–02 Grand Prix Nagoya Team Limited 11–12 May 2002 4
2002–03 Grand Prix Utsunomiya Limited 12–13 October 2002 3
2002–03 Grand Prix Hiroshima Extended 25–26 January 2003 7
2002–03 Grand Prix Bangkok Standard 12–13 July 2003 1
2003–04 Nationals Osaka Special 11–13 June 2004 1
2003–04 Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur Standard 24–25 July 2004 4
2005 Grand Prix Seattle Extended 5–6 March 2005 7
2005 Invitational Los Angeles Special 17–20 May 2005 2
2005 Pro Tour London Booster Draft 8–10 July 2005 2
2005 Pro Tour Los Angeles Extended 28–30 October 2005 5
2011 Pro Tour Nagoya Block Constructed and Booster Draft 10–12 June 2011 5

Last updated: 12 August 2009
Source: Wizards.com Wizards.com

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