Tušimice Power Station

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Tušimice Power Station
Tušimice Power Station is located in Czech Republic
Tušimice Power Station
Location of the Tušimice Power Station in the Czech Republic
Country Czech Republic
Location Tušimice
Coordinates 50°22′52″N 13°20′21″E / 50.38111°N 13.33917°E / 50.38111; 13.33917Coordinates: 50°22′52″N 13°20′21″E / 50.38111°N 13.33917°E / 50.38111; 13.33917
Status Operational
Commission date 1974
Owner(s) CEZ Group
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Lignite
Power generation
Units operational 4 X 200 MW
Make and model Škoda
Nameplate capacity 800

Tušimice Power Station is a lignite-fired power station in Tušimice, Czech Republic. It is owned and operated by CEZ Group.

The first power station in Tušimice (Tušimice I) was commissioned in 1963–1964. The current power station (Tušimice II) was commissioned in 1973–1974. The power station consists of four generation units with a capacity of 200 MW each. Its turbines and generators are produced by Škoda, and steam boilers are produced by Vítkovické železárny. Tušimice II has a 300-metre (980 ft) flue-gas stack built in 1974.

The power station is supplied by lignite from the local Nástup–Tušimice Mines.


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