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A blue tube top.

A tube top, colloquially known in the U.K. as a boob tube,[1] is a shoulderless, sleeveless women's garment that wraps around the upper torso. It is generally tight over the breasts, usually by means of elastic bands at its top and bottom, to prevent it from falling. The tube top was popular in the late 1970s/early 1980s and returned to popularity in the 1990s and 2000s.

Murray Kleid created the tube top by mistake but marketed the garment upon realizing its potential. Samples were sent out to distributors, and within two months the tube top was shipped worldwide.[citation needed] Kleid's company S & M Fringing Inc. rose to prominence within New York City's eclectic garment district.

Israeli fashion designer Elie Tahari claimed in 2012 that he helped popularize tube top after his arrival in New York in 1971.[2]

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  1. ^ "Boob tube": a redesignation of a dismissive 1960s sobriquet for television, or "idiot box"; "boobs" derives from "bubbies" (The Straight Dope: "the origin of 'booby trap'"); the screen was a cathode ray tube.
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