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This article is about the Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop. For the West Rail Line Tuen Mun Station, see Tuen Mun Station.

Coordinates: 22°23′38″N 113°58′23″E / 22.3939°N 113.973°E / 22.3939; 113.973

Tuen Mun
Hong Kong MTR Light Rail stop
Hong Kong Tuen-Mun Light Rail Station.jpg
A train at Tuen Mun Stop
Station location and services
Line  Light Rail 505,507,751
LR code 295 (Tuen Mun Stop), 290 (San Fat Stop)
District Tuen Mun
Area Tuen Mun
LR service hours 0525-0106
Station design
Structure Elevated
Platforms 2
Type of platforms Side
Lifts 2
Opened San Fat Stop - 23 September 1988
Tuen Mun Stop - 1 August 2003

Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop platforms
The signage and lift in Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop
A signage showing the old name of the Light Rail Tuen Mun Stop, San Fat Stop

Tuen Mun Stop (Chinese屯門站) is one of the Light Rail stops, which belongs to zone 2 for single-ride tickets. There are two platforms in Tuen Mun Stop. This Light Rail stop is located in Pui To Road, Ho Pong Street and north of the Tuen Mun Park. It provides service for the nearby residents and is an interchange station for West Rail Line.

Station layout[edit]

LRT Platform
Side platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 1 505 towards Siu Hong
507 towards Tin King
751 towards Tin Yat
Platform 2 505 towards Sam Shing
507 towards Tuen Mun Ferry Pier
751 towards Yau Oi
Side platform, doors will open on the left
 West Rail Line
 West Rail Line Tuen Mun Station concourse
Passageway Passageway to Light Rail platforms and West Rail Line station concourse
Exit Pui To Road

Neighbouring stops[edit]

Preceding stop   MTR logo notext.svg MTR Light Rail   Following stop
towards Sam Shing
towards Siu Hong
towards Tin King
towards Yau Oi
towards Tin Yat

Feeder services[edit]



On 1 August 2003, San Fat Stop was renamed Tuen Mun Stop. At that time, the at-grade platforms were still used. On 30 August the same year, the elevated platforms officially commenced service, although some Light Rail vehicles had been using the westbound platform since one week before.


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