Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road

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The Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road is an ice road on frozen Mackenzie River delta channels and the frozen Arctic Ocean between the Northwest Territories communities of Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, in Canada. It services gas hydrate fields and exploration facilities at Mallik, Aput, and Langley, along with the ice-locked barges Wurmlinger and Arctic Star, which act as bases of operations for ice road crews and exploration personnel. In addition, the road is a key supply line for Tuktoyaktuk and the hamlet of Aklavik.

It is part of the Dempster Highway. The rest of the Dempster Highway is on land and can be driven on through the summer.

Construction of an all-weather highway between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk commenced in April 2013. [1]

Ice Road Truckers[edit]

A HistoryChannel.com blog announced that the second season of Ice Road Truckers would be based out of Inuvik. A CBC North story reported that the episodes of this season occur on the Tuktoyaktuk Winter Road. Four of the featured drivers from the first season took part: Alex Debogorski, Hugh Rowland, Drew Sherwood, and Rick Yemm.[2][3] The road returned in 2012 for the sixth season of the show, with ice road veteran Alex Debogorski behind the wheel.