Tula gingerbread

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Tula gingerbread
Пряник Тульский.jpg
A Tula gingerbread with the Coat of Arms of Russia
Type Gingerbread
Place of origin Russia
Region or state Tula
Main ingredients jam or condensed milk
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Tula gingerbread is a famous type of imprinted Russian gingerbread from the city of Tula. Usually, Tula gingerbread looks like a rectangular tile or a flat figure. Modern Tula gingerbreads typically contain jam or condensed milk, while traditionally they were made with honey.

Gingerbreads have been made in Tula since the 17th century. The first mention of Tula gingerbread is in the Tula сensus book of 1685.[1] Today, Tula gingerbreads are made at the confectionery factories of Staraya Tula (Russian for "Old Tula") and Yasnaya Polyana and by several smaller companies.

A Tula gingerbread imprinted with the caption Tulsky (the adjective form of Tula) and the city's coat of arms

In 1996 Tula opened a museum dedicated to its gingerbreads.[2]


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