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Tulu film industry is a part of Indian cinema. Tulu film Industry also called as Coastalwood. It produces 2 to 3 films annually. The first film being Enna Thangadi released in 1971. Usually earlier these films were released in theatres across the Tulu Nadu region and on DVD.[1] But Currently Tulu film Industry grown to the level where films are releasing simultaneously in Mangalore, Udupi and Mumbai, Bangalore and Gulf Countries. K.N.Taylor has become First Super Star of Tulu film Industry who acted, Directed and Produced 9 films. The critically acclaimed Tulu Film Suddha, won the award for the best Indian Film at the Osian film festival held at New Delhi in the year 2006.[2][3][4] During the year 2011 Tulu Film Industry got second life by release of film called Oriyardori Asal. The film turned out to be the biggest hit in Tulu film history till date.[5]

  • The first Tulu film is Enna Thangadi released in 1971.
  • Dareda Budedi produced by K.N. Taylor was the second feature film released in 1971.
  • Koti Chennaya (1973) directed by Vishu Kumar was the first history-based Tulu cinema.
  • The first Tulu colour film Kariyani Kattandi Kandani was produced in 1978 by Aroor Bhimarao.
  • Bisatti Babu produced in 1972 was the first film to receive the State government award as the best Tulu film.
  • Bangar Patler produced in 1993 by Richard Castelino has bagged the highest national and international awards.
  • September 8, directed by Richard Castelino, starring Kannada actor Sunil and Kannada writer, Dr. K Shivaram Karanth was shot in 24 hours entirely in Mangalore, a record in the world cinema.
  • Sudda won the award for the best Indian film at the eighth Asian Film Festival "Ocean - Cinefan"[6]
  • Nirel directed by Ranjith Bajpe, produced by Shodhan Prasad and co produced by San Poojary will be the first Tulu movie totally produced overseas.

List of Tulu language films[edit]

  • 1. Enna Tangadi (My Sister)
  • 2. Daredha Budedhi(wedded wife)
  • 3. Pagetta Puge (Fumes of Hatred)
  • 4. Bisatti Babu (Knife Babu)
  • 5. Koti Chennayya
  • 6. Kaasdaya Kandane (Rich Family)
  • 7. Udalda Tudar(Light Of Heart)
  • 8. Yaan Sanyasi Aape (I will become a Saint)
  • 9. Bayya Mallige (Dusk Jasmine)
  • 10. Yer Malthina Tappu (Whose Mistake was it ?)
  • 11. Saaviradorti Saavithri (Saavithri - The one in a Thousand)
  • 12. Inquilab Zindabad
  • 13. Tulu Naada Siri (The Richness of Tulu Nadu)
  • 14. Sangama Saakshi (Witness of the Union)
  • 15. Nyaayogaad Enna Baduku (My life is for Justice)
  • 16. Bollidota(Silver Garden)
  • 17. Kariyani Kattandi Kandani(Husband not tied Mangalasutra)
  • 18. Bhagyavantedi (Lucky Lady)
  • 19. Badkere Budle (Let live)
  • 20. Daareda Seere(wedding saree)
  • 21. Raathri Pagel (Night and Day)
  • 22. Pettayi Pili (Hurted Tiger)
  • 23. Badkonji Kabite (Life is a Song)
  • 24. Satya Olumdu (Where is the Truth ?)
  • 26. Badk Da Bile (The value of Life)
  • 27. September 8
  • 28. Kaala (Time)
  • 29. Mari Bale (The Evil Trap)
  • 30. Onthe Edjast Malpi (Please adjust a bit)
  • 31. Suddha (The Cleansing Rites)
  • 33. Birse (Intelligent)
  • 36. Aamait Asal Eemait Kusal (Comedy of Errors)
  • 40. Koti Chennaya This film has bagged the first ever National Award for best Tulu Film in 54th National Film Awards, and The best supporting actress award by Govt. of Karnataka.[9]
  • 42. Gaggara (2008) directed by Shivadhwaj shetty winning the Rajath Kamal for the Best Tulu film in each of the languages other than those specified in Schedule VIII of the Constitution category for its attempt to preserve traditional folk forms in the 56th National Film Awards.
  • 44. Pakkilu Mooji(Three birds)
  • 45. Barke-Kudlada Pilikulena Kathe(Name of the place in Mangaluru)[11]
  • 48. Barke 2-Kudlada Pilikulena Kathe(Name of the place in Mangaluru)
  • 53. Ini Athnda Elle(Today Or Tomorrow)
  • 55. Mullabeli(compound of thorn)
  • 56. Soombe(Delete/Sorry/Not Done/Erase)
  • 57. Bailakural
  • 58. Rangdha Dibbana(colourful wedding procision)
  • 59. Madme Onji Avodattha(should get marry)
  • 60. Beere Devu Poonje
  • 61. Super Marmaye(Best Son-in-LAW)*[16]
  • 62. Rambarooti( mash up )
  • 63." Right Bokka Left"-Nadutu Kudonji (right and left between one more)
  • 64." Rangolu "


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