Tumhari Pakhi

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Tumhari Pakhi
Format Drama
Starring Mohammed Iqbal Khan,[1] Shraddha Arya
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 01


Running time 20 mins
Original channel Life OK
Picture format 576i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Original run 11 November 2013 (2013-11-11) – Present
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Tumhari Pakhi (English: Your Pakhi) is an Indian television drama show[2][3][4] which premiered on 11 November 2013,[5][6] airing on Life OK Monday through Friday evenings.[7]


The show is based on the novel Naba Bidhan by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay.[6]

The first episode contains shots filmed in Panchgani, Udaipur, Chittor, Shimla and Satara.[3]

Plot overview[edit]

Anshuman's father who believed in child marriage, married off his son to a girl named Pakhi when they were very young. But some problems during marriage between the two families finally resulted into not taking pakhi to her in-laws house. Anshuman married a smart city girl when he was of age and had a son Ayan but unfortunately his wife died. As time passed he decided to marry Tania, daughter of a rich bussinessman, Ranaji. But when the news of his first wife was known to all he unwillingly had to bring Pakhi back. He, his sister Lavnya and Tania decided to trick her some how to go back to her Parents' place. They brought many challenges in her path but she overcame them all. She was asked to run the house, keeping in mind its standard, within a weekly budget (less than the usual budget). Meanwhile, she was asked to host a dinner party. Just before the dinner the servants jammed the dishwasher and all the crockery was destroyed. Anshuman was suprised to see that even after the mishap, the dinner went well, as Pakhi served the dinner in traditional Indian utensils made of clay and hand painted. The guests were impressed by Pakhi and praised her a lot. Pakhi's last challenge was that she had to make Ayan, who despises her, call her 'Ma'. Gradually Pakhi wins over Ayan with her love. On the day when Pakhi has to leave Simla, Ayan calls her 'Ma' and asks her not to leave him. Pakhi is happy to return home, but she finds out that it was Anshuman all along who was trying to get rid of her, as he is in love with Tania. She is shattered. But due to her love for Anshuman, she does not want him to be blamed for their divorce. She calls the media and announces that she is the one who wants a divorce and wants a part of the property, making everyone believe that she is the one who has decieved Anshuman. Anshuman is left with a huge guilt,as he knows that Pakhi did this not only to save him infront of the media but also in the eyes of Ayan, whom she wants to come close to Anshuman. As Pakhi gets ready to leave Rathod Mansion, Girish (Lavanya's husband) tells her that even though Anshuman does not realize it, he is in love with Pakhi, and she should not leave Ayan and Anshuman with Tania, who is a selfish person and actually can't love anybody other than herself. Pakhi returns to Rathod mansion and asks for a weeks challenge in exchange of the divorce. The challenge is that Tania has to manage the household in a weekly budget. Tania takes help of all the servants to win the challenge and realizes that she is failing in task. Meanwhile Anshuman and Pakhi come close to each other. Tania sees that Anshuman is faling in love with Pakhi. She thus tries many means and methods to separate them. She also runs short of money and tries every way to get some extra money. She is thwarted at her every effort by Pakhi. In the end Tania breaks Ayan's piggy bank to get some money, and even threatens the servants to give her money. AT the end of the challange she is happy that she has won. But Anshuman, unknown to Tania's cheating, says that even though she may have won the challenge, he cannot ask Pakhi to leave as she is the real mother of Ayan, and Anshuman does not want to be selfish any more. Later Girish tells everybody that Tanya had taken money from Ayan's piggy bank and her servants. As Tanya is leaving the house after begging and pleading infront of Anshuman, Ayan comes home and says that he wants Tania to stay and Pakhi to leave. Everybody is shocked. Pakhi tells Anshuman that Ayan is scared about something. On investigating it is known that Tania has said or done something to scare Ayan very badly. It is then found that Tania scared Ayan by taking him on a ride in her speeding car and told him that Anshuman had killed his first wife because he was not in love with her. Tania also said that if Ayan makes Pakhi stay, Anshuman will kill her also. Then Pakhi makes Ayan understand that his mom's death was due to an accident, and she herself was driving the car that day. With the help of Girish and Lavanya she makes Ayan comfortable again. After this Pakhi creates a plot and records a video clip secretly about Tania's bad intentions and wrong deeds with the help of Ayan and then when she was waiting for Anshuman to tell the truth and to show the real face of Tania, Tania gets to know that Pakhi has recorded the video about her wrong deeds and tries to kill Pakhi with the help of her dad. She first beats up Pakhi with a baseball bat and then points a gun at Pakhi. Pakhi manages to lock herself inside a room. But then Rana increases the temperature of the central heating system of the house trying to suffocate Pakhi. Anshuman arives at home and finds an unconcious Pakhi. He takes her to the bedroom and leaves to find a doctor. Meanwhile Pakhi gains conciousness and is again attacked by Tania, who tries to throw her off the terrace. This attack is witnessed by Anshuman, Lavanya and Girish. Paakhi holds Tanya's leg and Anshuman runs upstairs. Paakhi is saved and Anshuman kicks Tanya and her dad out of the house. Lavanya takes paakhi home and tells Anshuman that until you dont tell Paakhi your feelings Paakhi will not live with you. Anshuman tells paakhi to be his girlfriend for seven days. Paakhi gets angry and leaves. Girish calls ansuman and says paakhi left for Chandhigahr. Anshuman goes to find Paakhi.



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