Tundra Times

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Tundra Times
Type Bi-weekly newspaper
Editor Howard Rock[1]
Founded 1962 (1962)
Language English
Ceased publication 1997 (1997)
Headquarters Fairbanks, Alaska
ISSN 0049-4801
OCLC number 2712152

The Tundra Times was a bi-weekly newspaper published in Fairbanks, Alaska from 1962 to 1997.

The first edition of the "The Eskimo-Indian All-Alaska Newspaper" was published on 1 October 1962,[2] and was written by and for Alaska Natives aiming to serve as the "medium to aid (Natives) in their struggle for just determination and settlement of their enormous problems...(and) to keep informed on matters of interest to all Natives of Alaska."[3]

The newspaper's first editor was Howard Uyaġaq Rock (1911–1976), an Inupiat from Point Hope.[4][5]

The Tundra Times ceased publication in 1997,[3] but its photographic archive was acquired by the Tuzzy Consortium Library and is available online.[6]


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