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Web address http://www.tunewiki.com
Commercial? Yes
Type of site Music Applications, Social Media
Registration Free
Available in Multilingual
Owner TuneWiki
Launched December 2007
Current status Active

TuneWiki is a music-centered startup that provides scrolling lyrics through its social music players for cellphones and handheld devices. With over 6 million lyrics and the world's largest scrolling lyrics library, TuneWiki currently has agreements with the major music publishers including Sony, Universal, and EMI to legally use synchronized lyrics in TuneWiki's music applications. Furthermore, the mobile TuneWiki applications also provide lyrics for streaming radio on mobile phones, and TuneWiki has location-based technology to let users see where their favorite music is being played around the world. Users follow other users to discover music and have conversations around the music they listen to.[1]


TuneWiki was founded by Rani Cohen- Chairman, Amnon Sarig, ex-President and Chad Kouse- CTO. Seth Gerson is the CEO. The company is funded by Vert Capital.

In 2010, TuneWiki entered into an agreement with Music Reports, Inc. which Music Report would make use of its Songdex database to identify songs, and would handle the licensing of the lyrics displayed through the TuneWiki application.[2]

On June 20th, 2013 a news article appeared stating that TuneWiki will shut down on June 28th 2013[3]

On June 25th, 2013 TuneWiki also sent an e-mail to registered users confirming the shutdown.

On June 28th, 2013 TuneWiki was purchased by Vert Capital and notified its the users it would be remaining open. During this transition period Seth Gerson was appointed CEO as part of the company's restructuring.


TuneWiki provides real-time scrolling lyrics that display as a song plays, for songs saved on the phone as well as for songs played through streaming radio, provided that the user first synchronizes the initial line of textual lyrics with the correct verse of the playing song.[4]

A geolocation feature locates songs playing in the area of the user, and includes social media functionality for posting to popular social media websites.[4]

TuneWiki also makes mobile games for iOS and Android phones including Lyric Legend, Lyric Legend 2, and Dance Legend.

Supported Devices[edit]

TuneWiki currently has applications released for iPhone and iPod Touch, Android, Windows Phone 7,[5] Blackberry, Symbian S60v5 and Maemo,[6] with a plugin for Windows Media Player,[7] as well as an app for Spotify.


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