Tunisian Human Rights League

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The Tunisian Human Rights League (Arabic: الرابطة التونسية للدفاع عن حقوق الإنسان) is an association to observe and defend human rights in Tunisia. It was founded in 1976, but associations had to be government-recognized, and the government delayed considerably before giving official recognition in May 1977.[1]

The organization's name is usually abbreviated LTDH, for its French name.[1]

Hassib Ben Ammar was an early organizer who later received a United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights . Saâdeddine Zmerli was the first president and a longtime officer from the beginning of the organization till the year 2000.[2]

LDTH had about 1000 members in 1982 and 3000 in 1985, partly because it had taken stands against the death penalty and the release from prison of Islamists who had been "imprisoned for acts of conscience."[1]

"Four of its leaders, including two of its founders and its first two presidents" were made ministers in the 1987 Tunisian government.[1]


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