Tunisian Pirate Party

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Not to be confused with Pirate Party (Tunisia).
Tunisian Pirate Party
حزب القراصنة التونسي
French name Parti pirate tunisien
Founded 27 September 2010 (2010-09-27)
Ideology Internet freedom
Legalization 12 March 2012
Assembly of the Representatives of the People
0 / 217
Politics of Tunisia
Political parties

The Tunisian Pirate Party (Arabic: حزب القراصنة التونسيHizb al-Qarāṣinah at-Tūnisī ; French: Parti pirate tunisien) is a small political party in Tunisia. It was formed in 2010 and legalised on 12 March 2012,[1] becoming one of the first outgrowths of the Pirate Party movement in continental Africa.

The party achieved notoriety during the Tunisian revolution.


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