Tunnel Vision (film)

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Tunnel vision cover.jpg
One of the VHS covers for TunnelVision.
Directed by Neal Israel
Bradley R. Swirnoff
Produced by Joe Roth
Written by Neal Israel
Michael Mislove
Starring Roger Bowen
Chevy Chase
John Candy
Howard Hesseman
Joe Flaherty
Laraine Newman
Betty Thomas
Phil Proctor
Al Franken
Ron Silver
Tom Davis
Music by Dennis Lambert
Brian Potter
Distributed by World Wide Pictures
Release dates
  • March 1976 (1976-03)
Running time
70 min.
Language English

TunnelVision (also known as Tunnel Vision) is a 1976 comedy anthology film featuring Roger Bowen, Chevy Chase, John Candy, Howard Hesseman, Joe Flaherty, Laraine Newman, Betty Thomas, Phil Proctor, Al Franken, Ron Silver, Tom Davis, Michael Overly. It was directed by Neal Israel and Bradley R. Swirnoff and produced by Joe Roth. Although the title is repeatedly displayed in the film as being spelled "TunnelVision," it is frequently identified as "Tunnel Vision" in home video reissues and critical reviews.


The plot of the movie revolves around a new television channel called "TunnelVision", which is notably free of censorship, who are under Senate investigation led by a Senator (Howard Hesseman) who wishes to shut down the channel due to its widespread negative effects on the population of the United States. The movie consists of commercials, shorts, and trailers for fictional movies that are usually not connected to one another. These are being shown as part of a Congressional Oversight Committee that will decide the fate of the channel. Character actor Roger Bowen was the most famous actor at the time of the film’s release and was afforded the film’s top billing. His portrayal of Henry Kissinger in this film had become a familiar comic staple industry wide.


  • "The Pregnant Man"
  • "Western Union Marijuanagram"
  • "The Vacant Lot"
  • "The Last Hippies"
  • Los Angeles news broadcasts.

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