Tunnelling the English Channel

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Tunneling the English Channel
Directed by Georges Méliès
Release dates
  • 1 July 1907 (1907-07-01)[1]
Running time
23 minutes
Country France
Language Silent

Tunneling the English Channel (French: Le Tunnel sous la Manche ou le Cauchemar anglo-français) is a 1907 silent film by pioneer filmmaker Georges Méliès.[2] The plot follows King Edward VII and President Armand Fallières dreaming of building a tunnel under the English Channel.

It was released by Méliès's Star Film Company and is numbered 936–950 in its catalogues, where it was advertised as a fantaisie burlesque à grand spectacle en 30 tableaux.[2] Méliès appears in the film as the engineer who presents the blueprints for the tunnel.[2] Fernande Albany, an actress who also appeared in Méliès's The Impossible Voyage, An Adventurous Automobile Trip, and The Conquest of the Pole, plays the leader of the Salvation Army parade.[3] King Edward was played by a wash-house attendant who closely resembled the monarch, reprising a role he had played five years before in Méliès's film The Coronation of Edward VII.[4]

American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum named it as one of his 100 favorite films.[5][page needed] The academician Elizabeth Ezra called it "one of Méliès's wittiest and most engaging films."[6]


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