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Turbotronic is an American Electro Rock band based in Brooklyn, New York. The band was formed in early 2008 by Music Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist ‘Turbo’ Robbie Norris. Turbotronic began playing concerts with other New York bands in the "Flytrap" backyard, which caught the attention of the New York Times entertainment division.[1] Turbotronic`s songs are typically of humorous nature, performed in a deadpan 80s musical style. The band’s lineup features Turbo (lead vocals, guitar) Wild Ginger (synths, background vocals) T Almy (synths, background vocals, dancing), Zeb Holt (Bass) and Ryan Dismatsek (-Drums).[2] Turbotronics’ debut performance was at the Annex Hall in New York City on February 9, 2008.[3] In concert, Turbotronics often wear custom cheerleading uniforms.[1] On stage, and in their videos, Turbo always wears a signature pair of cheap white plastic sunglasses

Love Slave[edit]

Songs from Turbotronics’ release debut album in 2008 (“Love Slave”) were recorded at Flytrap Studios in Brooklyn, NY.[4] Drums were recorded at NY Noise in Manhattan. Turbo wrote, engineered and produced the album while playing nearly every instrument (bass, guitar, synths, wurlitzer, vocals, drums). Other musicians on the album include drummer Ryan Dismatsek, guitarist Dave Bowers, saxophonists Rick DePofi and Jeremy Wall, and vocalists T. Almy, Jennifer DeVeau and Nina Shankar.

Music Videos[edit]

Under the moniker "Dumb Bunny",[5] Turbo and Wild Ginger write and direct all of their music videos. Turbotronics has thus far released music videos for the songs "Crush, ""International," "Mind Fuck," and "Corporate Lady." "Crush" features Wild Ginger dancing in a doorway while Turbo watches from his bed, wearing black underwear. In reality, while shooting the video, Wild Ginger was dancing to the song, What a Feeling from the album Flashdance. “International,” was shot on an airplane in flight, and on two continents: Paris, Rome, New York and San Francisco.[6] The video features Wild Ginger as an international flight attendant and Turbo as various love interests from around the world. "Mind Fuck," was shot on a farm in Sharon Springs, NY, and features Turbo and Wild Ginger hunting each other w/loaded weapons. "Corporate Lady" was filmed in undisclosed offices in Manhattan.

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