Turduli Oppidani

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Main language areas in Iberia c. 300 BC

The Turduli Oppidani or Turdulorum Oppida (Latin - oppidums of the Turduli), living in the Portuguese region of Estremadura (coastal central Portugal), were an ancient Celtic tribe of Lusitania, akin to the Lusitanians. They held the fortified towns of Aeminium (Coimbra), Conimbriga (Condeixa-a-Velha, near Coimbra), Coniumbriga (possibly Monte Meão), Collipo (S. Sebastião do Freixo, Batalha), Eburobrittium (Amoreira de Óbidos), Ierabriga (Alenquer) and Olissipo (Lisbon).

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