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Turdus Musicus is a Norwegian band started in 1998 by Carl Christian Lein Størmer and brothers Juhani and Timo Silvola. The name "Turdus musicus" is the former scientific name of the redwing (now Turdus iliacus). The band has played in China and USA many times. Their newest songs on MySpace is named: "A Shot Of Inspiration", Daimonds.

Band members[edit]

  • Paulo Alejandro Velasquez: Drums
  • Aleksander Johannessen: Bass/backing vocals
  • Finn H. Fodstad: Guitar/backing vocals
  • Carl Christian Lein Størmer: Vocals

Former members[edit]

  • Halvard Rundberg: Guitar/Sax/ backing Vocals
  • Johan Grønvik: Guitar
  • Juhani Silvola: Guitar
  • Timo Silvola: Drums
  • Lawra Somby, currently of Adjagas, performed on several occasions with the band in the early 2000s, on Turdus Musicus songs that featured joik. On a side note, the Silvola brothers have also played with Adjagas.


  • Yellow Snow Compilation 2 (2000) (Yellow Snow Records)
  • By:Larm Compilation 2001
  • Intimate Noise (EP)(2001)(Fucking North Pole Records/MNW)
  • By:Larm Compilation 2002
  • Best of by:Larm (2002)(Virgin)
  • The Bonfire Sessions (EP)(2003)
  • Here Goes! - (2004)(Intimate Records/Bonnier Amigo)
  • Gutan Med Stil (Hey Ya TIL) (singe)(2004)(Intimate Records, Bonnier Amigo)
  • Rockcollapse (2007) (Intimate Records/Bonnier Amigo)
  • Blasting Room MASTER (2007/08)tracks: A Shot of Inspiration, Daimonds.
  • New album (2010) "At the end of the day""

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