Turfan volcano

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Turfan is located in Xinjiang
Turpan Depression, Xinjiang
Coordinates 42°54′0″N 89°15′0″E / 42.90000°N 89.25000°E / 42.90000; 89.25000Coordinates: 42°54′0″N 89°15′0″E / 42.90000°N 89.25000°E / 42.90000; 89.25000[1]
Type Cone
Last eruption 1120 ± 150 years

The Turfan volcano (also the volcano of Ho-tscheu or Bischbalik[2]) is a volcano near the city of Turpan, Xinjiang. Eruptions were recorded during the Song Dynasty,[3] with reports of "frequent smog from the volcano on cloudless days and a nighttime blaze like a torch" in around 1120 AD.[1]


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