Turiya Hanover

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Princess Wibke
Spouse Prince Welf of Hanover
Issue Princess Saskia of Hanover
House House of Hanover
Father Hans-Daniel Christians
Mother Ursula Schmidt-Prange
Born (1948-11-26) 26 November 1948 (age 66)

Turiya Hanover, aka Wibke, Princess of Hanover, née van Gunsteren (born 1948, Lübeck), is a German psychotherapist, and married to Wibke married Prince Welf of Hanover, of the Royal Family of Hanover. She has published some new-age guided meditations.

Wibke was born as daughter of Ursula Schmidt-Prange and Dr. Hans-Daniel Christians, a physician. Her mother then married a Harry van Gunsteren, and the whole young family had van Gunsteren as surname, including the step-daughter Wibke.

In 1969, Wibke married Prince Welf of Hanover, who was a first cousin of Prince Ernst August of Hanover, the current head of the House of Guelf, as well as a first cousin of Charles, Prince of Wales, the current heir to the thrones of British Commonwealth.

In 1970, they had a child, Princess Saskia of Hanover, currently known today as Mrs Saskia Hooper.

In 1973, Wibke started to work as Gestalt therapist.

In 1975, she and her husband Welf moved to India, having joined the spiritualist group. Wibke and Welf had become followers (sannyasins) of a syncretic movement led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. In 1975, Welf and Wibke, along with their five-year-old daughter Tania Saskia, made a pilgrimage to Poona, India to live in an ashram with other followers of Bhagwan. Once there, Bhagwan gave Welf the name Vimalkirti ("Spotless splendour") and Wibke Turiya ("Spiritual love").

Her first husband Welf died at the age of 33 at a clinic in Poona from a cerebral haemorrhage after collapsing during a morning exercise session and becoming paralysed[1] at the ashram.[2][3]

Although a lot of misinformed material floating around in print and in internet claims that they were divorced in 1979, there was no such divorce. They were married, until prince Welf died in 1981.

Currently, Turiya (Wibke) Hanover lives with Rupda in Byron Bay, Australia.

Turiya has published at least five guided meditations:

  1. Awakening of the Heart
  2. Forgiveness Meditation
  3. Healing the Body
  4. Compassion and Forgiveness
  5. Gratitude and Appreciation
  6. Healing the Wounded Heart


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