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Turk or Turks most often refers to the Turkish people or Turkic people.

The terms may also refer to:


Ethnic groups[edit]

  • Turkic peoples, a collection of ethnic groups that live in Asia, northwestern China and parts of eastern Europe
    • Ottoman Turks, a historical Turkic population of the Ottoman Empire
    • Azerbaijani Turks, a historical Turkic population of Azerbaijan
    • Seljuq Turks, a historical Turkish Sunni Muslim dynasty
    • Oghuz Turks, a historical Turkic tribal confederation in Central Asia during the early medieval period
    • Göktürks, a Turkic people of ancient Central Asia
    • Karlugh Turks, an ethnic group in Pakistan and central Asia
  • Turk (caste), a Muslim community in Uttar Pradesh, India




Other uses[edit]

  • The Turk, a fake chess-playing machine

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