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Turkansaari Open-Air Museum
Turkansaaren ulkomuseo
Turkansaari open air museum 2006 06 13.JPG
Location Madekoski, Oulu, Finland
Coordinates 64°56′53″N 25°42′22″E / 64.948°N 25.706°E / 64.948; 25.706
Type Open-air museum
Website ouka.fi/ppm/English/Turkansaari.html

Turkansaari is an island in Oulujoki river with an open air museum in Madekoski neighbourhood in Oulu, Finland. The museum is run by Northern Ostrobothnia museum.

Turkansaari island has been an ancient market place for Russian traders in Oulujoki river. The open-air museum was started out when the old church, from the year 1694, was restored on the island in 1922.[1]

Every summer there is a tar kiln lit to produce tar in the traditional way.


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