Turkish Volleyball Federation

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Turkish Volleyball Federation
Sport Volleyball
Founded 1958 (1958)
Affiliation International Volleyball Federation (FIVB)
Regional affiliation
Headquarters Ankara, Turkey
President Özkan Mutlugil (2012-present)
Official website

The Turkish Volleyball Federation (TVF) (in Turkish: Türkiye Voleybol Federasyonu) is the governing body of volleyball and beach volleyball in Turkey. Formed in 1958, it is based in Ankara. The TVF is a member of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and the European Volleyball Confederation (CEV). Federation's president is Özkan Mutlugil since October 2, 2012.[1]




The federation organizes three volleyball leagues and one Turkey cup for men's and women's teams each.

Men’s leagues
  • Acıbadem Men's Volleyball League (12 teams)
  • Men's Volleyball Second League (24 teams in two groups)
  • Men's Volleyball Third League (36 teams in four groups)
  • Junior Men's Volleyball League
Men’s cups
Women’s leagues
  • Acıbadem Women's Volleyball League (12 teams)
  • Women's Volleyball Second League (24 teams in two groups)
  • Women's Volleyball Third League (36 teams in four groups)
  • Junior Women's Volleyball League
Women’s cups


Turkish clubs and national teams participate after qualification at the Olympics, Mediterranean Games, Balkan Games as well as world and European events of following competitions:

National teams
2nd (2012)
3rd (2008, 2010)
Men's Junior
Boys' Youth
3rd (2011-12 Arkas)
1st (2012-13 Halkbank)
1st (2008-09 Arkas),
2nd (2010-11 Arkas)
National teams
3rd (2012)
2nd (2003),
3rd (2011)
2nd (2009, 2011)
3rd (2010)
Women's Junior
1st (2012),
3rd (2008)
Girls' Youth
1st (2011)
2nd (2007)
1st (2011)
3rd (2013)
1st (2009)
3rd (2007, 2011)
1st (2010-11 Vakıfbank, 2011-12 Fenerbahçe, 2012-13 Vakıfbank),
2nd (1979-80 Eczacıbaşı, 1997-98 Vakıfbank, 1998-99 Vakıfbank, 2009-10 Fenerbahçe),
3rd (2000-01 Eczacıbaşı, 2001-02 Eczacıbaşı, 2005-06 Vakıfbank, 2008-09 Eczacıbaşı, 2012-13 Galatasaray)
1st (1998-99, 2003-04 Vakıfbank),
2nd (2011-12 Galatasaray, 2012-13 Fenerbahçe)
1st (2007-08 Vakıfbank)
  • Değer Eraybar Tournament
  • Top Volley Tournament

National teams[edit]

The federation forms the men's and women's national teams, which take part at international events.

Beach volleyball[edit]


  • Men's Beach Volleyball League (8 teams)
  • Women's Beach Volleyball League (5 teams)


The federation owns volleyball vebues TVF 50th Anniversary Sport Hall and TVF Burhan Felek Sport Hall in Üsküdar, Istanbul and Başkent Volleyball Hall in Yenimahalle, Ankara.[2]

In 2009, it established TVF Fine Arts and Sports High School (Turkish: TVF Güzel Sanatlar ve Spor Lisesi) in Ankara, dedicated to raise talented youth to sportspeople particularly in volleyball.[3][4][5]


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